24 Hours of Le Mans: I followed the first team of 100% female drivers, Iron Dimes… and it was amazing!

We all know (right?) 24 Hours of Le Mans (but not quite as much yet iron ladies). This legendary car race, which just celebrated its 90th anniversary, and where I went for the first time this year, against all odds. You will say to me (and you will certainly not be mistaken): “But what is … Read more

Future Trends with CAGR Value by Karmin G3, Bio Ionic, Remington, CHI, ISA Professional, HSI Professional – Androidfun.com

The new study on Flat Hair Straighteners Market provides standard information about flat hair straightener market Globally 2022-2029 in terms of revenue and production share, consumption is expected to grow at an exponential rate during the forecast period. The Hair Straighteners Market report covers a combination of key parameters such as sales/demand analysis, price structure, … Read more

At Jean-Marc Reiser’s Trial for Sophie Le Tan’s Assassination, the “Ghost” of Françoise Hohmann’s Disappearance

A trial and two families united in the same ordeal. Sophie Le Tan will be present at the Assizes of Bas-Rhin in Strasbourg, from Monday 27 June to Tuesday 5 July, in order to see Jean-Marc Reiser, the judge there for the assassination of the 20-year-old student in Strasbourg, killed on 7 September 2018 and … Read more

Here are five trendy short haircuts that can’t be missed for this spring and summer

Short hairstyles are already the most popular among the trends of spring-summer 2022. And Objeko Not the only person saying that. Actually our colleagues from the magazine feminine They are also unanimous. The hair trend of the moment is promoting short hair, long neck styles, those that look loose and bold. then ? Do you … Read more

‘I don’t know myself anymore’: Wendy is ‘disfigured’ after being allergic to hair dye

The first hair color to turn into drama. Red spots, edema, difficulty breathing … Wendy had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in the coloring. How is this possible? Are there alternatives? Wendy, 22, will long remember her visit to the hairdresser. Tired of her medium-length brown haircut, she decided to go to … Read more

Hilary (mothers and celebrities) reveals the first pictures of her marriage to Giovanni

This Saturday, June 25, Hilary D chites And his companion, Giovanni Bonami, said yes in front of all their loved ones assembled on this special occasion. The bride posted on Instagram a picture of her in her beautiful white dress. Continuing under this ad Hillary and Giovanni have been waiting for this day for months. … Read more