How to lighten your hair without bleaching or headache? 5 home and natural recipes that work!

Successful home coloring can very quickly turn into a headache. Unless of course, if you know the right methods and have the right ingredients. So, whether you have brown or red, natural or colored, it is entirely possible to lighten your hair without bleaching or causing a disaster. The guide is in 5 natural, effective … Read more

5 great beauty products for less than 3 euros you can find at Lidl

newsletterLetters Fun, news, tips… What’s next? The famous German distribution brand Lidl offers effective care for hair, body and face. Discover our 5 favorites for a small price. Supermarket shelves are filled with effective beauty products at low prices. Anti-aging care, deodorants, moisturizing hair spray, eye contour care, sheet masks … presents the brand Lidl, … Read more

A year after the return of the Taliban, women’s prospects are increasingly bleak

Posted in: 07/25/2022 – 12:51 Since August 15, 2021, the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan. On the political front, religious fundamentalists have established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which applies Islamic law in a strict manner. Women have seen their rights eroded dramatically. From our correspondent in Kabul, Women’s rights are on the decline … Read more

“Le Fanfaron” and Jean-Louis Trintignant became great …

Reserved for our subscribers a novel“Trintignant, a complex actor” (1/6). In the early sixties, the 30-year-old, who had already acted in about fifteen films, dragged his own lack of self-confidence. It is by chance that he replaces young Jacques Perrin in “Le Vanfaron,” Dino Rize’s Italian masterpiece, at the last minute. On August 12, 1962, … Read more

The hair dryer brush market will grow exponentially at an unstoppable rate

Global Market Study Examines Performance hair dryer brushes 2022. Includes an in-depth analysis of the state of hair dryer brushes and the competitive landscape on a global scale. Global Hair Dryer Brushes can be captured by market details such as growth drivers, latest developments, Hair Dryer Brushes business strategies, regional study, and future status of … Read more

15 minutes a day is enough to reduce stress in half!

primary Chronic stress can be defined as a persistent condition associated with known and/or sometimes unexpected sources of stress. The second medically recognized type of stress, called “acute stress,” is caused by an event experienced as difficult and sudden, and results in intense and brutal emotion. Three out of four working French people, or 75% … Read more

Are you feeling tense? It can be seen on your skin, hair and nails

Stress is part of life. This natural physical response to an emergency or danger comes in two forms, each of which can have serious health consequences: acute stress, an intense and sudden emotion caused by a particularly dangerous event, and sudden and chronic stress, resulting from repeated and prolonged exposure to sources of stress. Stress … Read more