Ukraine: Solidar, on the front line, only wants “peace and silence”

Dre Solidar, not much left. Church, food store and store in the basement. So close to the front, a mining town in eastern Ukraine, where a few thousand lives still survive, has been relentlessly bombarded for more than three months. The sound of explosions at regular intervals shattered the ghostly atmosphere. Solidar, the “gift of … Read more

Florent Bagni, his last summer? “I will die with a smile on my face” the latest news about his health

As you know, Florent Pagny is fighting against a Lung cancer since January. He just completed his chemotherapy protocol. What are the results? The singer revealed some secrets about his illness and death… Florent Bagni had already planned his own death When Al and Inca’s father announced the bad news on his account InstagramAnd the … Read more

“Very beautiful, my afro hair! »The new educational work of Jahelisa Sekhmet – the initiative

Answering her sons’ questions and promoting Afro-culture at a time when identities are clashing, this is the call of the Afro-Youth Publishing House. At its head is the teacher and entrepreneur Jahelisa Sekhmet, who, at the birth of her children, felt the desire to convey a new narrative of the rich history of ancestors and … Read more

Demi Moore confides in her hair routine

In an interview with the magazine Peoplean actress ghost (1990) opened up about her determination to keep her hair long. For years, she hasn’t hesitated to dye her hair, cut it, and shave it, often for the needs of a movie. But as she approaches her 60th birthday, which she will celebrate in November, Demi … Read more

How do you build an exciting and trendy story that will always be a hit?

Bangs with curtains have been around ever since Brigitte Bardot graced the world with her ethereal beauty. The concept is very simple and the execution – flawless. Curtain bangs (curtain bangs) or covered bangs (coated bangs) create a waterfall effect on the face. The bangs fall gracefully on the sides of the face while giving … Read more