Muscular in the United States, shaved in Italy, transparent in Japan … Each country has its own concept of “summer body”

Whoever says summer says sun, laziness, and “summer body.” You know, that perfect beach body, made up of fantasies and — wildly fickle perceptions of “beauty.” Because what we like in Germany is not what we like in France, and vice versa…something to keep in mind! All summer, same tune. As we approach swimwear, we … Read more

miss. Teck, the pioneer of Parisian street art, has died at the age of 66

She no longer paints her stencils, but her silhouettes of dark, strong, beautiful and poetic women will always attract passers-by on the streets: Miss. Teck, a leading figure in Parisian street art, died Sunday at the age of 66. His family announced to AFP his death, which occurred in Paris as a result of his … Read more