Top 10 anti-frizz treatments to effectively tame them this summer

What anti-frizz treatments, suitable for your hair type, should you be incorporating into your beauty routine this summer? Just like the skin, hair is tested during the summer and can also suffer from dryness. Then the hair mass becomes dry and brittle and risks absorbing moisture more easily. The result: the appearance of frizz that’s … Read more

Curtain Explosions: This Is Our Ultimate Guide To Success Every Time

Photo: Getty Images Redken – Volumize Guts 10 Styling Mousse 16.55 € Redken via Notino Kerastase – condensing foam treatment €31.50 Kerastase via Nocibe Virtue – Anti-Wrinkle Protective Mist 45 EUR Virtue via Small Leonor Grill Alcohol-Free Styling Gel €19.90 Leonor Grill via Noseby Revlon Volumizing Blower Brush €52.87 Revlon via Amazon Dyson Hair Dryer … Read more

10 Protective Haircare Products You’ll Be Boosting This Summer

It’s the first sun oil specifically formulated for hair, created in 1974. Nearly fifty years later, its formula, infused with olive wax and extracts of calendula, willow, rosemary, and castor oil, is still a summertime essential, to inevitably slip into your beach bag. Phytoplage – protective oil with calendula extract €12.99 Phytoplage via Rene … Read more

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How the headband is the ultimate beauty accessory in 2022

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Hair aging: How do you restore your youthful hair after 50 years?

Applied to the hair root, this serum doubles the “boosting” actions allowing dull hair to regain its density. Its secret lies in its composition, which combines plant extracts, vitamins, proteins and minerals. The results are manifold: after several uses, the hair regains its vitality and resistance and the capillary mass gains in volume. Sisley Hair … Read more

Shiny hair: 8 treatments that bring shine and luster to hair

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