A year after the return of the Taliban, women’s prospects are increasingly bleak

Posted in: 07/25/2022 – 12:51 Since August 15, 2021, the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan. On the political front, religious fundamentalists have established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which applies Islamic law in a strict manner. Women have seen their rights eroded dramatically. From our correspondent in Kabul, Women’s rights are on the decline … Read more

“We are the last to resist.”

Posted in: 05/25/2022 – 19:11 On May 19, female presenters and journalists still working for Afghan television were ordered to “cover their faces”. Our Observer, an Afghan TV presenter, explains how she has to deal with this new decision and how journalists are resisting a Taliban bent on “wiping women from society”. The Taliban’s Ministry … Read more

Masked TV presenters in solidarity with broadcasters

Seconds before its broadcast, Afghan broadcaster Nizar Nabil wears a black mask, in a symbolic gesture to protest the Taliban’s decision to force female announcers to cover their faces in television. “We are taking a stand to support our female colleagues,” Nizar Nabil who works for TOLOnews, Afghanistan’s main private news channel, told AFP. “During … Read more

Under pressure from the Taliban, TV presenters forced to cover their faces on air – Liberation

The religious group’s supreme leader had ordered Afghan women to completely cover themselves in public. After the disobedience on Saturday, the journalists, threatened with dismissal, were forced to comply. Female announcers from major Afghan TV channels appeared on air on Sunday wearing face coverings, a day after defying the Taliban’s order to conceal their appearance … Read more