At the Pompidou Center, the fearsome faces of the new objectivity

A river exhibition featuring 900 works and documents! The Center Pompidou did not skimp on introducing the German art movement of New Objectivity (1), little known in France. In the interdisciplinary tradition of Beauburg, the curators, Angela Lampe and Florian Ebner, of Germanic origin, wanted to show how, in the Weimar Republic, this cold realist … Read more

‘Amateur’ restoration of Prague clock turned into controversy

The colors, the gender of the characters, the clothes… The version made of this monument is freely inspired by the original. To the extent that an investigation is opened and the city plans to resume work from scratch. Changes that have gone unnoticed for four years but are being talked about more and more. In … Read more

miss. Teck, the pioneer of Parisian street art, has died at the age of 66

She no longer paints her stencils, but her silhouettes of dark, strong, beautiful and poetic women will always attract passers-by on the streets: Miss. Teck, a leading figure in Parisian street art, died Sunday at the age of 66. His family announced to AFP his death, which occurred in Paris as a result of his … Read more