24 Hours of Le Mans: I followed the first team of 100% female drivers, Iron Dimes… and it was amazing!

We all know (right?) 24 Hours of Le Mans (but not quite as much yet iron ladies). This legendary car race, which just celebrated its 90th anniversary, and where I went for the first time this year, against all odds. You will say to me (and you will certainly not be mistaken): “But what is … Read more

Curtain Explosions: This Is Our Ultimate Guide To Success Every Time

Photo: Getty Images Redken – Volumize Guts 10 Styling Mousse 16.55 € Redken via Notino Kerastase – condensing foam treatment €31.50 Kerastase via Nocibe Virtue – Anti-Wrinkle Protective Mist 45 EUR Virtue via Small Leonor Grill Alcohol-Free Styling Gel €19.90 Leonor Grill via Noseby Revlon Volumizing Blower Brush €52.87 Revlon via Amazon Dyson Hair Dryer … Read more

10 Protective Haircare Products You’ll Be Boosting This Summer

It’s the first sun oil specifically formulated for hair, created in 1974. Nearly fifty years later, its formula, infused with olive wax and extracts of calendula, willow, rosemary, and castor oil, is still a summertime essential, to inevitably slip into your beach bag. Phytoplage – protective oil with calendula extract €12.99 Phytoplage via Marionnaud.fr Rene … Read more

Alopecia drug approved in the United States

On Monday, June 13, the US Medicines Agency (FDA) authorized a drug against the acute form of alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss or body hair to fall out and affects more than 300,000 people each year in the United States. Read alsoAlopecia: hair loss affects many women Baricitinib is the first oral tablet … Read more

How the headband is the ultimate beauty accessory in 2022

In much the same way as a barrette or a scrunchie, this summer’s headband stands as the ultimate fashion and beauty staple. If its use was particularly democratized during the 1960s, it was popularized among others Jackie Kennedy And the Audrey Hepburnwho wore them to match their outfits, the headband now appears to be gaining … Read more

In 2009, a boy combed Obama’s hair: After 13 years, their ways are back again

A widely circulated photo, immortalized the first meeting in the Oval Office between Jacob of Philadelphia and former President Barack Obama in 2009. “Is your hair like mine?” Abu Jacob Philadelphia, Carlton, was a former White House employee, and at the time of Barack Obama’s rise to power in 2009, he had to leave the … Read more

19-year-old Alina underwent surgery on the sleeve at 135 kg: “I can no longer look at myself in the mirror, it is a rebirth”

Alina, 20, underwent sleeve surgery at St Clotilde clinic last December with a weight of 135 kg. In a few months, the young woman lost 42 kg. Today, Alina explains to us that undergoing this process is not easy and it is a “step towards a new life”. Quantum process: certification. Us, 19 years and … Read more

Marilyn Monroe: 9 Unusual Facts You Should Know About Her Beauty Routine

From her red lips to her platinum curls, Marlin Monroe It was and still is the ultimate bomb. The beauty icon par excellence, she made glamor her trademark and continues to inspire us today. On her 96th birthday, Vogue magazine took a look at the Hollywood star’s beauty routine. She did not expose herself to … Read more

Review of Vol.1 Violence Action – Manga

Kei Kikuno, 20, is a young student like the others. With her cute figure, alluring appearance and slightly wavy pink hair, she exudes something very cool that can undoubtedly please a group of her buddies. And that of course doesn’t stop her from being too serious about her studies in accounting, between the reviews she … Read more

Mother’s Day: 22 beauty experts share the best tips they inherited from their mothers

“My mum always wears brightly colored lipstick, in shades of pink or red. My first beauty memories were of a picture of a tube of lipstick and powder with white marabou feathers flowing from a vase on the dressing table. She always had a very avant-garde style, and at the same time very classic and … Read more