Ultra-luxurious depiction of Marion Barbeau, Principal Dancer at the Paris Opera

Event movie revealed In the body,By Cedric Clapeche, the first dancer at the Paris Opera, Marion Barbeau possesses charm and grace. It is not a classic, it explains to us the fashion of winter 2022-2023. The main dancer at the Paris Opera and a very successful film actress – In the body, By Cedric Clapish, … Read more

Tribute to Danny, “The Little Butterfly That Died In Flight”

Sudden spirit and sulfur sound, the singer passed away on Monday, July 18, at the age of 77. A look back at the journey of an icon in the ’60s and ’70s, inspiring and fascinating. You could have been in my book sex addiction story She has the same strength as the characters she portrayed … Read more

Misty sun, incense and priest of the summer solstice at Stonehenge

slideshow – Crowds flock to this megalithic monument ten miles north of Salisbury each year to watch the sun rise behind the site’s famous Heel Stone. The sun is late, but when it appears, faces light up: clamor and arms rise among the thousand-year-old stones at the English site of Stonehenge at the summer solstice. … Read more

‘Amateur’ restoration of Prague clock turned into controversy

The colors, the gender of the characters, the clothes… The version made of this monument is freely inspired by the original. To the extent that an investigation is opened and the city plans to resume work from scratch. Changes that have gone unnoticed for four years but are being talked about more and more. In … Read more

Atiq and Alice Rahimi father and daughter

A father and his son. Two intensity. He has clear eyes full of sunshine, a frank smile that regularly bursts into laughter, a clear appetite to share with others. She has jet black hair, touching beauty, a look that dives into herself in search of the word before lighting up with a generous smile. They … Read more

Ruby Core “instapoet” without taboo

Committed 2.0 artist, Canadian-Indian Robby Kaur has democratized poetry in recent years, speaking about sexual violence, depression or immigration. Thanks to the Instagram fame, she now sells her collections in millions of copies and fills rooms. Book in Hand, the 29-year-old artist with long black hair, wearing a leopard-print skirt, paints her poem in clear … Read more

“The water in the lake is never sweet” by Giulia Caminetto: Angry Teen

The water in the lake is never sweet Julia Caminito Translated from Italian by Laura Perignon Gallmeister, 352 pages, €23.40 Here is another, if necessary, evidence of the vitality of Italian feminist literature. Giulia Caminito, born in 1988, adds her name to the list of talented novelists, with gritty writing, who recount the harshness and … Read more