These celebrities are cutting it all off and inspiring us

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All about microneedling, an effective treatment to combat hair loss

Experts tell us all about this method of stimulating the scalp, which has been shown to promote hair growth. We all lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. After this threshold, the fall is considered “pathological”. In most cases, it’s a temporary disruption of the hair cycle called telogen effluvium. “It is a sudden … Read more

How to get at home the trend of hair that “flows” and shines like silk

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Length, vitality and shine … professional tips for hair regeneration after 40

From a certain age, hair loses its strength. Trichologists give a prescription to slow down the aging of the scalp, while restoring strength and luster to its lengths. “We are born with a head of hair that erodes with age,” declares Sylvie Lim, trichologist and grooming specialist at Institut Leonor Grille (Paris VIII). “After 40 … Read more

Trendy hair styles and hairstyles for 2022

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Our pick of the best products of 2022

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