A governor was sacked after two high school students cut their hair in the middle of the baccalaureate exam

Posted in: 06/23/2022 – 18:39 The video circulates in an episode on social networks in Guinea: while visiting a class in the middle of the baccalaureate exam, Governor Siguiri grabs scissors and cuts the hair of a high school student judging his hairstyle. The video, which was broadcast on June 17, caused an uproar on … Read more

Six people tried for harassment and death threats on Twitter were found guilty on Tuesday

On April 12, a representative of the National Anti-Hate Online Pole requested a prison sentence of up to six months against the defendants, among whom were four women. Six men and women between the ages of 19 and 39 have opened a Twitter “harassment” and “death threat” lawsuit against Mila – a young woman who … Read more