North Korea bans skinny jeans, dyed hair and western fashion

Kim Jong-un’s regime has stepped up its crackdown on “degenerate” Western fashion trends in North Korea, including dyed hair, skinny jeans, and piercings, according to a report. According to Radio Free Asia, North Korea’s Young Patriot Socialist League is now directing its repressive efforts against women in their twenties and thirties who wear waist-length hair, … Read more

Thierry Colette, with Brice Bertaud and Chloe Cassagne, organize an iconic cabaret between magic and puppets.

Intellectual scientist and magician Thierry Colette, in “The Smoking Oyster and Other Miracles.” Christophe Renaud de Laage What do magicians and puppeteers talk about when they meet on stage? Of faith and illusion … and threads. The visible ones, which sometimes associate the doll with those who manipulate it, but also those, the invisible, which … Read more