Florent Bagni, his last summer? “I will die with a smile on my face” the latest news about his health

As you know, Florent Pagny is fighting against a Lung cancer since January. He just completed his chemotherapy protocol. What are the results? The singer revealed some secrets about his illness and death…

Florent Bagni had already planned his own death

When Al and Inca’s father announced the bad news on his account InstagramAnd the The followers were in shock. In fact, Jean-Pierre Berna was also in the midst of the battle against the disease and we would not have expected such a statement from the team coach. the sound. Especially since he is barely 60 years old. No surgery is possible, so the chemotherapy just finished…

Florent Bagni is not alone in the fight

On January 25, Florent Bagni had to stop his tour for his 60th birthday. Instead, he took care of his health. Fortunately, he is not alone, but is accompanied by his wife Azusina. The singer did not want to bother him with texts and calls. So he has Turn off your smartphone.

Vianney was especially sad… “I didn’t react to my friend Florent Bagni’s ad. I didn’t because I’ve been living with that ad for a few days already. I had a lot of emotions and when I react to the heat, it wasn’t very pretty., he admitted. The two men are very close. Florent Bagni has given a lot of advice to Viani in his career. For those who don’t know, I owe Florent a lot. My first concerts with him were in the first part. So Florent, I don’t know if you’re watching this live, but I’m starting this live with one of your songs because it’s important to me.Vianney explains.

How did his tumor develop?

according to publicon April 19, 2022, Florent Bagni was already completed 30 out of 50 chemotherapy sessions. Side effects were obvious, such as fatigue and hair loss. But, it’s just a change in appearance he says. The good news is that Tumor size was halved. So these are the first pathological findings, but the tumor is still there … What’s next for him?

The singer prepared his death

Before this terrible disease, Florent Bagni did not think about his own death. Although he released songs about him like after us, In 2019, on the album We grow up together. That’s what he said blue France in time. I don’t really think about that. It’s the only certainty we can have, so let’s try to make that as best we can. “. He added that he hopes for one thing for his future. “My only imagination is to live old, without getting sick, and to die with a smile…to make me light up at the stake!” Because where I live, they will not bury me: I will go up in smoke and it will look like me! »

It’s a fantasy undermined by cancer, but Florent Bagni seems to want to keep it for a long time. Anyway, we wish him all the health in the world in the face of what he’s going through.

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