We tested the On The Wild Side hair range, and our hair loved it

As we know, to take care of your hair, it is necessary to resort to the right products, preferably with a healthy composition and with as few chemicals as possible. If switching to an organic and clean routine is complicated at times, there are some products that are totally addictive, and that will almost make us forget we’ve gone through supermarket products before.
Tested and approved by the editorial staff, French brand On The Wild Side’s hair range has totally seduced us, and the result on our hair is palpable.

The forces of nature at the service of our hair

On The Wild Side offers short circuit treatments, consists of selected wild plants in the heart of a certified organic picking area, and tries to raise everyone’s awareness, proving that it is possible to have a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of consuming.
With her heart on hair as well as Planet, the brand is completely transparent and has their natural and organic products in eco-aluminum packaging.
Consisting of a daily shampoo and treatment mask, the On The Wild Side hair set is definitely one of our favorites to turn your beauty routine into a moment of pure pleasure, without mistreating your hair.

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If the myth is that organic and natural shampoos don’t lather enough and struggle to effectively clean the scalp, On The Wild Side totally changes the situation with daily shampoo.
Enriched with botanical oils and made from wild botanicals such as dandelion and nettle, both known for their strengthening and toning properties, this cleansing treatment is suitable for all hair types, giving it strength and shine. Guaranteed without sulfates or parabens, it’s our little sweetheart.

So easy to apply and distribute over the entire scalp, we were amazed at how little it takes to cleanse and moisturize our long hair. Arranged in a pump bottle, it is very easy to dose the exact required amount of the product, which also makes it a very economical shampoo.
Its neutral scent is also very pleasant and touchable, as it leaves hair feeling fresh and without any chemical odor, often the result of strong scalp aromatic additives.
And then, upon rinsing, the magic happens, and it is precisely at this moment that we feel that our hair has already been freed of impurities, freed from all the “camouflaging” dandruff that weighs it down, as can often happen on a large-area shampoo.
With continued use, hair looks healthier, shinier and more manageable. So there is nothing wrong with using this totally clean and effective shampoo.

treatment mask

Also, this healing mask is organic and 100% of natural origin, and is enriched with sunflower, plum and jasmine oils, known for their nourishing, softening and antioxidant effects.
To use it on the ends once a week, and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, our hair absolutely loved it and checked it out.
Perfect for giving a dose of extra care and hydration to your hair, we were worried at first, have to admit the result on our fine and not voluminous hair, but our doubts quickly faded!
In fact, if it deeply nourishes and helps greatly to detangle the hair, it does not weigh down the hair at all. Neither flat nor hard, on the contrary, our hair acquired shine, but also strength and vitality. We are also amazed at its results and with the vitality it brings to our fine hair. Its creamy and odorless texture spreads easily to all lengths, and just a small amount is enough to smooth out our pout. No wonder we tell you we recommend it without hesitation.
And you, are you ready to move on to your hair brushing routine?

On The Wild Side Daily Shampoo, €25

On the Wild Side Treatment Mask, €35

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