This La Bonne Brosse hairbrush is sold for 120 euros, and that’s why!

to claim a great hairYou have to stick to a very strict routine. Of course, in the beginning, we must use the appropriate shampoo for our hair type, but also with their needs. Finally, care must be taken on a daily basis. After every wash, run out mask or conditioner. Also, every morning and evening, remember to apply a few drops of a leave-in conditioner, serum or hair oil. lengths and points.

Many other details of hair should not always be overlooked Smoother, shinier and healthier. Choose, for example, File silk pillow Instead of a lumbar pad, avoid using heating devices Like a hair straightener or curling iron that attacks the hair fiber. Finally, the last point (much) is often neglected: Combing Hair.

The many benefits of hair styling

Brushing your hair is a normal movement, but it is very important for healthy hair. perfect health. It is necessary to style your hair twice a day, morning and evening. It has many benefits for both hair and scalp. In three words, brushing teeth Scalp health, beauty and self-massage“, Flore, one of the founders of the La Bonne Brosse brand, told Peggy Frey through her Instagram story.

In addition to detangling the lengths, this allows sebum to be distributed throughout the hair to bring in more luminosity and nourishment. then the hair more powerful. The scales are stretched for a more beautiful display. Finally, it helps to remove the difference Accumulated impurities day and night Cleaner hair for longer !

Why is La Bonne Brosse the right brush?

Unfortunately, not all brushes are created equal, and it is essential to choose one depending on your hair type. This is how Pauline and Fleur imagined four different models of hairbrushes for their La Bonne Brosse brand, so that every woman could easily find her way around (their website offers an online diagnosis to make sure you don’t make a mistake with the choice).

The beautiful La Bonne Brosse brush is very popular despite the rather high price 120 EUR. La Bonne Brosse is only sold at Le Bon Marché three weeks We just signed with Sephora.” Fleur told HEC Stories. But what does this brush have more than any other?

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First of all, a good brush is not made of plastic but Cellulose acetateA more durable material than plastic that you can keep for a lifetime! Everything has been studied to perfection: the brush’s ultra-soft natural rubber allows for gentle detangling. Also, nylon fibers are mixed with premium quality pig fibers. La Bonne Brosse uses only the best part of the hair, i.e. the first part. It is also very beautifully designed and available in . format four colors Different. It was enough to impress the world of beauty and social networks!

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