Miss France 2022: Diane Lear will not forget her visit to Fort Boyard!

So far from the realm of Miss France, Diane Leyre experienced a Fort Boyard adventure. Moreover, it appears to be distinguished by its passage.

Miss France 2022, Diane Laer appears ready to take on new challenges. Thus, I decided to participate in Fort Boyard. And she still remembers her. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Miss France 2022 stands out

It’s impossible to miss Miss France 2022. And for good reason, since she was elected in December, The latter is receiving constant attention. Then she restricted appearances and often caused quite a stir. In short, a beauty queen never does things half way. Yes, only that!

I must say that Dian Lier leaves nothing to chance. In fact, Miss France 2022 always wears looks that are at the forefront of fashion. Her hair, makeup, or clothes, she seems to really pay attention to details. And yes, the young lady is always betting on very trendy clothes. Something that impresses many of his fans.

Furthermore it, His arrival in Croisette caused quite a commotion. And for good reason, a pretty bet on a pale pink petticoat from Ukrainian designer Milla Dress. It looks like she made the right decision!

But in fact, the latter does not stop there. If her appearance allows her to reach the desired address, she intends to be noticed for other reasons. So it’s about Landing on Virgin Radio. In fact, the latter will establish herself there as a columnist since the beginning of the school year.

While waiting to learn more about this new venture, Miss France 2022 landed at Fort Boyard. If the latter is too enthusiastic, She seems to be adventurous. MCE TV tells you more!

Diane Lear shocked by Fort Boyard?

Being Miss France is a full time job. And yes, many tasks await the chosen beauty queen. However, besides her multiple careers, Diane Leyre decided to engage in various causes. whether His new projects are still kept secretThe latter continues to appear.

In fact, Miss France 2022 set out on a Fort Boyard adventure. Accompanied by Maeva Cook, Thomas Thorod, Danielle, Arthur and Cleopatri Darlow, I decided to The fight for Les Bonnes Fées.

If the latter He appears to be very enthusiastic, The adventure turned out to be more complex than expected. And for good reason, the young woman talked about it to our colleagues from Parisian.

In fact, Miss France 2022 captivated: “I loved doing it, because it’s an opportunity to show your combative side, and I’m very competitive. (…) On the other hand, scary animals shouldn’t be disturbed when they look calm. It was terrible!

But in fact, Diane Lear said that she wanted to show another photo of Miss France. So I confessed: » I’m trying to break Miss France laws Perfect, I’m at a mockery of myself, I’m not ashamed of anything! I “paint nature” as much as it is in business speech or in utter nonsense. »

One thing is for sure, Diane Lear is not done with attention. But what is the next challenge that Miss France will launch? Follow.

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