Initials BB | 7 days in Claremont

From the French star of the 60s to the “courageous mother” of animals or the amazing fate of Brigitte Bardot, whose unyielding devotion we can only admire.

There are lingering words, lingering sentences, as if fixed in the air and not frozen in stone. ” She wears nothing/just a little/Guerlain essence/ in her hair. From Serge Gainsbourg, of course, the man with the head of cabbage, in Initials BBin honor of Brigitte who was not named The Hague but nonetheless symbolized a form of sexual liberation and women’s liberation in France burdened by artistic and ideological movements.

Bardot, a young French girl at the crossroads of the 1950s and 1960s, has become, in spite of herself somewhat, an icon and an emblem. Moses Roger Vadim in And God created the womanAlongside the mysterious, sensitive and distinctive Jean-Louis Trentinant of Saint-Tropez who has not yet been tarnished by tour operators and real estate developers.

daring beauty

BB, the character of the New Wave, like the winds of freedom that carried the rock culture of the early 1970s. Bardo, doll more than a whore, from Babbitt is going to war to me The contempt From the truth to me Viva Maria. Long before you became Bonnie Parker of Gainsbury, Kick to the upper thighs or the oil Next to Claudia Cardinale. Already time, which does not provide for female beauty, has done its job. Brigitte celebrated, Brigitte received from de Gaulle, Brigitte shone, on the front page of the glossy papers, but Brigitte lost her breath and was The very good and interesting Colinot Trousse Chemise story By Nina Company When Georges Pompidou was already ill and Giscard was polishing his weapons at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. One last movie before a final brutal farewell, with no exceptions or compromises. No farewell from Fontainebleau…

light and shadow

On the sunny beach Withdrawn. Very close to oysters and crustaceans, on the side of La Madrague where tourists by boat try to see it as one watches an animal in the zoo, secluded in its den. And if she escapes from the glamor, flattery and hypocrisy of artistic performances, she will devote her “real” life to the weakest, the most fragile, the most despised and abused. Its existence, henceforth, is a battle, often in vain, but always dignified and courageous, for the animals, those perpetual victims of humanity who have established all rights and crushed everything in their path. crying” Canadian killers On the polar ice of Blanc-Sales, denouncing under sarcasm, running under spit, fighting bullfights, pleading for farm animals, adopting with all your might in his sanctuary of peace, on the sea. BB who turns her back on glory, she is the woman who reaches the end of her thoughts Against all odds, an honest and contented woman.

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