Amal turned girl: the singer chooses a new haircut, the change is radical

Who says summer says a new face to Amal girl. On Monday, July 25, Sophia, Sana and Zain’s mother shared her new haircut in her latest Instagram story. A fresh summer look will surely delight his fans.

This season in the soundAmal Bent shone with his talents as a coach, of course, but also and above all his ability to change clothes. On May 8, the wife of Patrick Antonelli looked very elegant on the set of the TF1 music program. On the group translator losa back dressedOversized cardigan and neon green flowing viscose pants.

This collection came straight from the 2021 collection of young brand Lecourt Mansion. Very fashionable, the mother of little Zane is really a fan of French designers. On several occasions, the former participant in new star He chose Simon Porte Jacquemus’ original and exotic creations. On the side of the hairstyle, again, Amal Bint has always known how to diversify the pleasures. At the end of the year, the young woman surprised her fans by cutting her hair. Having hair too long and curly, the artist decided to create a medium length box for her year-end festivities. A very different haircut, which seduced Internet users, many of whom commented on the new appearance of their idol. And this Monday, July 25, Amal Bint chose a completely different new hairstyle.

Amal is a girl who dares to use vanilla for the summer

Whoever says the new season necessarily says renewal. With scorching temperatures hitting the whole of France for several weeks, all means are good to wear light clothing. And the hairstyle level, again, All your favorite stars are gone To welcome summer as it should. This is the case of Amal Bint, who shared the result of his passing through the razor box, on Monday, July 25. Say goodbye to long wavy hair.

In July of this year, the mother of three broke the codes by making vanilla bean by hairstylist friend Kumba Sissy. The singer shared several photos on her Instagram stories, and it is clear that she is very proud of the result. “Kumba Beauty is the most beautiful. Vanilla summer”, She wrote in the caption to one of the photos where the singer is standing proudly with her latest hair craze, bubble tea in hand. A new look for a new life?


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