15 minutes a day is enough to reduce stress in half!


  • Chronic stress can be defined as a persistent condition associated with known and/or sometimes unexpected sources of stress.
  • The second medically recognized type of stress, called “acute stress,” is caused by an event experienced as difficult and sudden, and results in intense and brutal emotion.

Three out of four working French people, or 75% of them, say they get stressed at least from time to time because of their work, according to The survey was conducted in 2019. To reduce this feeling, everyone has their own way: sports, hiking with friends, walking in the fresh air … But according to many studies, meditation can also be a good way to relieve stress.

15 to 20 minutes

The first study conducted in the United States and published in the journal Alternative Ther Health Med It is believed that meditation would reduce stress and negative emotions. The researchers determined the ideal duration of sessions to be between 15 and 20 minutes. But in order for participants to feel the beneficial effects, you need to practice every day.

50% improvement

And the results are compelling: the higher the frequency of sessions, the higher the participants’ psychological state – i.e. reduced stress, anxiety and negative emotions – by 14% to 36% according to the authors. …and up to 50% for those who meditate daily for 15 to 20 minutes.

stress hormone

Another study was published in the journal psychosomatic medicine He claims that meditation reduces stress. During their work, the scientists noticed that doing this activity reduces the level of cortisol in the hair.

Cortisol is one of the stress hormones, which is released when an individual is in a stressful or distressing situation. Thus, the more chronic stress, that is, it recurs over time, the higher the concentration of cortisol that circulates in his body and accumulates, among other things, in the hair.

25% off

In the clinical trial, participants followed a nine-month mental training program, with thirty-minute meditation sessions a day, six days a week. To measure their stress, hair samples were taken every three months from the first three centimeters of hair, starting at the scalp. Thus, after six months of training, the amount of cortisol in the participants’ hair had significantly decreased, on average by 25%…hence their stress level as well.

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