The Voice: Winner Noor Screams TikTok!

Noor, the grand winner of the final season of The Voice, launched a distress cry on TikTok!

Nour seems to be at her worst. The Grand Winner of the final season of The Voice threw a distress call on her TikTok account! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Nour: Grand Winner of The Voice

Do you remember Noor? She became known to the general public by participating in The Voice, along with Florent Bagni. She had already participated in the sixth season of The Voice Kids. But it was eliminated in the battle phase.

So she mustered up her courage to try her luck again. Florent Bagni supported her very wellShe won the show’s final.

We laughed a lot, we have a really good bond and I think it’s important. He is a wonderful and very brave man.. “She’s so proud,” she said, “of their very close bond.”

One thing is for sure, young lady He will never forget his experience at The Voice. The same for his coach, who was very happy to be on the show despite the illness.

Moreover, the beautiful brunette seemed so close to him that she had given news of Florent Bagni: “ He is a little tired. I was a bit worried about seeing him again without hair or a beard…but he’s doing fine, and he’s smiling. Even if it’s hard, he shows his bravery and that’s something that fascinates me about him. »

Since winning The Voice, Nour has been very present on social networks. Especially on TikTok. Posts that aren’t really unanimous often share…

In fact, the former popular tele-hook candidate for TF1 is known to make live videos for its subscribers. And you know it, the neighborhood stirs criticism…

nouroff_ how do i get out please? #night ♬ original sound – ssb & lt33

distress cry

You definitely remember “Live Cupids”, or the funny videos she staged with several nominees from The Voice. Fan feedback was very negative.

However, Noor continues to create videos on TikTok. But this time, I decided to immerse myself in complete privacy. The young woman spoke about her relationship with her ex-husband.

It is clear that she suffers a lot. So she shared a video on her TikTok account in which we see her crying… yeah yeah, you’re not dreaming!

Nour added this Saturday, July 23, the following message: “II’m spoiling my life, I can’t take it anymore”. So she is going through a very difficult time in her life.

but fortunately,She can count on the support of her fans. The latter reassures her, it is just a love affair from which she will come out greater.

So we can read the comments: “Noor (you) is strong, transcend!! “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, I promise.”or “Courage, you will get out of this, (I) promise.”

Nour is always very close to his subscribers. You love to indulge in it. And for nothing in the world, you will not change this habit!

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