The most beautiful life: Fabian Carat reveals a rare photo with her daughter!

Fabian Carat, the former actress of Plus belle la vie is the mother of a young girl. She was showing her face today.

Fabian Carat, the former actress of Plus belle la vie is a mom! And she revealed on Instagram a rare photo in which she can see her daughter’s face. Basically, a mother always hides the face of her little one. But not this time!

Fabian Carat reveals the face of her daughter

Fabian Carat left Plus belle la vie last season after 15 years of loyal service. And his character will not die when he left! good news ! Now, on Instagram, she also shares her new life as a mother.

Because the actress She is the mother of a little girl Some time ago. 7 months to be exact. From time to time, in stories or in their publications, we see a mother with her child. But with all that, we can’t see the little one’s face.

That’s why everyone was surprised to see the little girl’s face in Plus belle la vie’s latest release. We see the baby’s face in the profile and we can see her She already has a nice mop of black hair! like her mother.

The comments were elated to be able to see this moment. ” That look… that’s love“,” magical moments“,” Both are very beautiful.” Can we read? In the post, the mother simply wrote: “A moment of eternity.”

Apparently, Fabian Carat loves this new mom role. In addition to, The actress captured I found love again. So in his personal life everything seems to be going well. What good news for the Plus belle la vie actress.

The most beautiful life: the actress comes true in her life

Since the end of Plus belle la vie, Fabienne Carat has managed to bounce back. will do it In two episodes of Camping Paradis! In short, his career did not stop at all despite the birth of his daughter. Besides, with his new love everything seems to be going well.

So the mother is no longer a single mother. But during her pregnancy, the actress did not share many shots. So we couldn’t really follow his adventures. It must be said that Fabian Carat captured to feel ashamed during that time.

Because she was afraid of the question: Who is the father? Captivated in Parents magazine. ” Inevitably, when you are pregnant, the People will ask the question “Who is the father?”. I was so afraid of it, and didn’t want to confront him so much, that I delayed the announcement as much as possible. »

A very difficult moment for the Plus belle la vie actress. “It’s actually hard, a shame not to be able to identify the father, to say He does not want this child. It’s actually a shame. » But since then, everything has become better for her.

Her new boyfriend accepts that she is a mother and everything seems to be going well. In addition, the young mother had to apologize after leaving the TV series “France 3”. Lots of fans Resent him leaving. But in the end, the young woman was doing well.

Because anyway, Plus belle la vie will expire at the end of the year. So staying for another year wouldn’t change anything.

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