NAFA Festival in Limox: The Doctor’s Relentless Inventory

with The doctor has a feverMaxime Dabeauville brought back many memories of the post-1968 generation.

There is windy air on Friday in Flanders as soon as night falls. However, Maxime Dabeauville ignores the menacing sky that hangs over the heights of the city. He singles out himself in a dark space that becomes his domain, or rather that of a gentleman who at the end of his life prepares a relentless inventory of his career and his entourage.

bourgeois life

In the 1960s, it was the ambition, enthusiasm, and life of a husband and father that permeated the daily lives of this physician who established the first analytical office in Blanketeer. With his wife Nicole, they will quickly merge the bourgeois world of the miniature Limouxin. A life that would have been echoed by Simenon or Chabrol. A seemingly perfect and smooth life, which was later considered a success.

Desire for adventure and freedom

But in this semi-social and familial exuberance, does the Doctor not have within him aspirations for adventure and freedom?

In post-de Gaulle France, hair grows long, love and peace (Peace and Love) made its way to the most remote corners of the country and the desire for freedom and non-conformity appeared everywhere, beginning with Polnarev’s buttocks. Entering his forties, the doctor meets a professor who makes no secret of her freedom of morals. A situation that seduces a limousine will cause a real family disaster. Torn between Nicole’s wrath and the progressive influence of a literature professor, the Doctor seems lost.

Serenity and Reconciliation

After a long period of puritanism, society divorced without hindrance, not without certain traumas and painful repercussions within the family. Divorce, which has not yet become popular, will result from this situation. But here again other tensions will arise later before another woman brings a little serenity and reconciliation with the children.

on the bottom of the Lady Lie, Pierre Grossola and all his carefree music that seems light years away from today, Maxime d’Aboville played a great lesson in local history yesterday. And despite a small storm that led to a break at the end of the show, the spectators had a great evening.

This game of love and opportunity and its inevitable sad ending induce reflection, a reversal that persisted long after the show ended.

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