At Hachaguers, we love each other from father to son at Bayonne Festival

Look, link: The Bayonne Festival is a little compendium of perfect moments. However, in 1990, when Maité decided to go…

Look, link: The Bayonne Festival is a little compendium of perfect moments. However, in 1990, when Maité decided to go to the Bayonne Festival for the first time, “It wasn’t a search for love!” A star dance song in Daniel’s eyes.

Love at first sight

Looking back, he frankly admits: “I fell in love with her. We can talk about anything with Mighty. She had a living thing, shimmering. In the conspiring crowd, Daniel only has eyes for her. The 1990 Bayonne Festival created magic.” So we became friends, Summing up, even if I was expecting something else! Partygoers put red and white aside, not sentiment. They kept seeing each other every weekend. “And in the new year, it all started. I was patient,” laughs Daniel Hashegger.

After seven years of relationship and after meeting her in Fêtes de Bayonne, Julian decided to propose to Camille.

Bertrand Labige / Southwest

The whirlwind of life prompted them to follow the same path, and they did not miss a single release of the holidays. Mighty explains: “It’s an outstanding moment, connecting with all those who know how to have fun. We’re still big kids. It’s simple: it’s a time when everyone loves each other.”

“Hard to believe”

Mighty and Daniel have been bringing their babies to the holidays since they were three months old. Mighty begins “When you meet other people and say that, people find it hard to believe.”

The youngest, Marie, met Antoine in the “Last Holidays”: in 2019. On Wednesday. “A sociable and crazy young man. He liked to pretend he was single by putting the tip of his scarf on the front. You bothered me! Finally, you decided to come back on Sunday. He found me. And here you are…”

Julian, the eldest, met Camille in 2015. “It was his first time: a good chance to get him to find out what it was like. »

Celebration is nothing. It is another way of being, of spending on oneself, and of thinking. Basically, Hachaguers’ secret may be there: The Bayonne Festival is an arc of all possibilities.

Plus, Julien had something to add: “My love, it’s been seven years since we’ve met, rue de Toneliers. You’ve been discovering Fêtes de Bayonne and it has been a pleasure to introduce you. You have intrigued Chakoa, your blonde hair and your smile made me crack.” During these seven years we have had magical moments. Others are more complicated. But my love for you remains unchanged, and you are the woman I want to spend the rest of my years with. Do you want to marry me? So Camille, is it yes?

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