A man tried to stab his daughter’s friend to death

Nothing can make Julian’s heart beat faster than the smile of his girlfriend, Nozan. In a relationship of almost two years, 19-year-old Julien Fedelin, a French-Algerian, and Nozanne Yu, of Kurdish descent, met in 2012 in front of Marie Curie High School in Nogent-sur-Oise. The boy, passionate about football, was in his senior year and was preparing for the next school year to join the army as a mechanic at the military base in Creel (Oise). Preparing for a diploma in cosmetology. Between them, the attraction is instant and their relationship quickly takes a serious turn.

He was the perfect man ‘,” declares the long-haired, brown-haired young woman in a report broadcast on TF1 a few years later. smiling, kind, caring, She completes. We wanted to get married and have a baby. Sincere love yet lives in secret, the student fears her father’s reaction because of their cultural difference. His friends and Julian’s father warned him not to trust him. ” His father was informed of both the severity of his son’s feelings and the difficulties of the young woman in fully living this relationship, and warned him that their story might not be so simple and that it was necessary to act with caution. Julian did not want to hear these statements. He was very young and thought that love would win ‘, explains to Marian Mr. Justin David, Counsellor to the Fedelen Family.

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Since then, the two lovers meet discreetly – Julian especially comes to pick up his partner on several streets of his house so that he is not seen – and seize the slightest opportunity to spend time together without arousing suspicion. July 24, 2014 single. On that day, Mohein Sh, Nozan’s father, was absent from the family home. The owner of the restaurant warned that he would be back in the late evening. His mother, brothers and sisters went to their relatives in Belgium. The path is clear. At the end of the afternoon, Julian Fedelin joins his girlfriend at home. The couple decided to run a bathroom upstairs in the suite. But while they are in the bathtub, the noise coming from the ground floor alerts them.

19 stab

Nauzan gets out of the water and listens carefully, then squats to look under the door. Then she saw her father in the landing. He asks her to join her downstairs. She is terrified. Julian left his clothes in his room and she has to hide them before he sees them. But when I went out into the corridor, Mohitin Yu appeared, carrying a knife and attacking Julian. Nozan is trying to intervene and she was hit in the hand. The man continues to knock frantically, then stops, goes down the stairs, puts the knife in the kitchen and runs away.

In shock, Nozan calls the emergency services. At 7:10 p.m., police and firefighters entered the house and headed to the bathroom. They discover the young soldier in a sitting position, his knees bent toward his chest, and his head between his legs. He is naked, covered in blood, his body pierced on all sides. He sustained 19 stab wounds, three of them in the heart. Nozan describes to the police the murder of her boyfriend at the hands of her father and explains to them that the latter was strongly against her relationship with Julian, and the latter is not of Kurdish origin, like her. The year before, her classmate had reported it to her father. Subsequently, Mohein issued st. Her mobile phone, and he would have threatened to kill her if she kept seeing the French-Algerian young man. Her mother had considered sending her to Turkey to find her a husband. Despite these threats, the young woman remained in a relationship with the soldier but hid to avoid any reprisals.

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Furthermore, she declares that before she fled, her father had promised to kill her. She was immediately placed under police protection and housed in a secret location. Then the “honour” crime thesis appears. The police are looking for the still untraceable father. And for good reason, he fled to Turkey. According to the information collected by investigators, it will be installed around Batman, a border region of Syria, where he belongs. Despite the accuracy of this information and the issuance of an international arrest warrant on September 9, 2014, nothing has happened for months.

angry dad

In November 2015, the victim’s parents, outraged, defied the French authorities. “ Investigators have the perpetrator, evidence and witness. We demand that they pressure Turkey to arrest the killer of our son ‘, Claude Fedelin asks in Parisian. Especially since the suspect is not hiding, exposing his new life on social networks. ” He was seen going to parties with friends or family. We are living a nightmare. This is unbearable The father laments the bereavement.

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The young man’s relatives mobilized the double acts so that their child’s crime would not fall into oblivion. Arnaud Dumontier, mayor of Pont-Saint-Maxence where the family lives, shows his support by displaying two majestic portraits of Julien on the town hall facade. After a whitewash in July 2016, Claude Fedelin expressed his pain and outrage: “ Killer, you have an angry father in front of you. i will never let you go! The wait will last nearly four years until May 2018, and Turkish police arrest the fugitive. An additional year is necessary for his extradition to France in view of his appeals.

” Thief “

Before the investigative judge, Muhitin St. denies. Honor crime. On July 24, 2014, he is worried about his daughter not answering the phone and decides to come quickly to his house to make sure she is okay. Entering the house, he heard screams coming from upstairs. He recognizes Nozan’s voice and recognizes the man’s voice. Thinking she was the victim of an assault, he took a knife from the kitchen and went upstairs. Then he enters the bathroom and confronts a naked man. ” For him, he is a thief ‘, summarizes Mr. Frank Burton, his attorney, with Marian. Mohitin Yu imagines that the man is trying to offend his daughter and then says he did it.” lost control Julian Fedelin was hit with a knife. The man adds that he was not aware of his daughter’s relationship with this boy, whom he had never seen.

An opportunistic letter, an acceptable version of the crime, he had time to polish it during her years on the run ‘, opposing Mr. Devred who rather invokes’ The weight of tradition, conservatism and respect for culture ‘, the values ​​firmly rooted in the accused, to likely explain his gesture. In the face of his father’s statements, Nozan reconsidered his first allegations and agreed that he had never heard of his friend. Regarding the unfolding of events, he became confused in his mind.

Accused of murder, Mohiten Yu was brought back to felonies. After the adjournment, the trial will begin on September 19. A hearing is eagerly awaited by the victim’s relatives who, according to their lawyer, ” I hope the accused has the language of truth. They are also preparing for the worst, which is that this person is stubborn in his own enhanced version of the truth. “.

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