3 products you should embrace the “avocado” trend

In recent months, the trend has been somewhat natural. prefer women nude makeup In favor of more colorful clothes. But this is about to change! In fact, the trend last week barbeque She appeared in the world of beauty. On the occasion of the release of the movie Barbie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, a new trend is highlighting pink candy Reaches.

So flashy! But another bold but more discreet and simple makeup trend was suggested by Hailey Baldwin. Justin Bieber’s wife this week immediately shared a picture of her It caused a big commotion. The young woman appears in an elegant silk strapless dress Aniseed green. Her hair is pulled in a bun for one look at a time Glamorous and elegant.

In terms of makeup, she chose to play the card of authenticity by tying her clothes to it Her eye makeup. Yes, I seduced Hailey Baldwin makeup “Green Avocado”, she says in the comment of her Instagram post. Tempted by this trend on sunny days? Know that avocado green tolerates all irises (slightly less than green eyes due to the effect of tone), especially honey eyes. Here are some makeup products to embrace the trend that is currently causing a stir on Instagram.

Murphy Ready in 5 Palette Palm Springs

Morphe’s Ready in 5 Palm Springs palette is perfect for quick creation Beautiful summer makeup. It includes colors that are fairly simple to wear on an everyday basis… including the avocado green that Hailey Baldwin especially appreciates. Ready-made palette at 5 Palm Springs, Murphy – €7

Diorshow On Stage Liner by Dior

If you love the art of eyeliner more than eyeshadow, try Diorshow On Stage Liner by Dior. Its avocado shade is perfect for drawing a captivating doe eye. Another peculiarity of this product: It offers a file Very original matte finish. Perfect for summer, it promises 24-hour wear and is water-resistant. Diorshow On Stage Liner, Dior – 38 euros

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Sephora Collection Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner

Finally, the last option for the most discreet: the avocado eyeliner (more precisely, the waterproof eyeliner from the Sephora Collection in the shade Matte Mosse) to be used along the lower lashes or in a very classic way to accentuate your eyes. Remember to blur the line with a brush For a smoky finish. Retractable waterproof eyeliner, Sephora Collection – €9.99

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