Protect your hair from the sun in summer, they will thank you

It is not only the skin that needs to be protected from the harmful effects of the sun, but also the hair! We explain why and give you all the tips to reduce the damage.

While applying sunscreen to the skin of the face and body is part of the habits of every Frenchie before exposing themselves to the sun, hair is the biggest forgotten in UV protection. However, we all have to earn by paying attention! Follow the guide.

Why protect your hair from the sun?

While UV rays are harmful to the quality and health of the skin (sunburn, premature aging, pregnancy mask, melanoma, etc.), their destructive effect does not stop there: they can also Damaging the hair raw material, keratin. The result on the hair fibers is worse when sunbathing followed by bathing in the sea or immersing in the pool with treated water.

Adam Reed, a professional hairstylist who has many celebrities among his clients, tells the magazine Get the shine :

The combination of the sun, harmful UV rays and swimming in the sea or in a chlorinated pool all affect the condition and quality of hair. They will dry out, become brittle, blondes will turn green from chlorine, and colored hair will lighten and become dull.

In addition to avoiding ending up with a mop on your head at the beginning of the school year, another good reason to protect your hair in the summer is to avoid a painful sunburn on the scalp. Yes, like the rest of the skin, this area can suffer from UV burns, dermatologist Kavita Mariwala assures the magazine. SpeedThe scalp is likely to get cancer “.

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How do you protect your hair from the sun?

In order to protect your hair and scalp from the harmful effects of the sun, the most effective way is to cover your skull with a hat. Floppy, crew, and panama hats are super trendy once the good weather returns, so you can take advantage of them to combine style with sun protection!

For those who don’t have a particularly “hat head” Adam Reed offers some advice in columns Get the shine :

If you don’t like hats, you can wrap your hair in a scarf, headband, or turban. It is very easy to do and the result is great, in addition to protecting the hair from the sun’s rays.

Whether it is an accessory or not, choosing a protective hairstyle such as braids or a bun will reduce the surface of sun exposure, thus limiting damage to texture and color.

What is sun care for hair selection?

Many hair products are specifically designed to protect hair from UV rays but also to restore softness, vitality and shine after prolonged exposure to the sun. Some formulations provide an effect against chlorine and salt, which can be very useful for the summer period!

Protect your hair from UV rays

Conditioners, creams, oils, protective sprays, mists…there are plenty of options to protect your hair before sun exposure. Whatever texture you choose – the thinner the hair, the lighter it should be so as not to weigh down the lengths – it’s important to apply it evenly from roots to ends, for a perfectly even shield. The last step of the comb will ensure good distribution of the product.

Good to know: Like sunscreen for young children, anti-UV hair care should be reapplied after every swim.

Fix your hair after exposure to the sun

When the day is over, it’s important to use a mild after-sun shampoo to rid the hair of sunscreen (and chlorine/salt/sand if you don’t rinse your head after swimming) and deeply moisturize. Once or twice a week, you can also leave in a repair mask in place of your usual detangling product, in order to promote hair cell rebuilding and soften the hair fibre.

At the end of summer, offering a vegetable oil bath to your lengths can also be beneficial, as little scissors that will eliminate split ends.

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