Pictures – Trendy hair styles for fall-winter 2022

Do you want to change the beginning of the school year a new face? Get inspired by the fall-winter 2022 haircut trends to spice up your hair!

Bold colours, straight bangs and ultra-short squares…hair trends for fall/winter 2022 full of surprises. You will inevitably find something that will inspire you to look completely new, provided you are not afraid of change. Remember to refer you to a hairdresser: you cannot improvise yourself as a hairdresser!

In the following lines, find out what fashion shows have taught us about this fall’s hairstyle trends. You will be able to choose among the most suitable for your hair type and style! Feel free to take a look at the hairstyles of the stars: they are the first to browse the trend.

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Straight and thick bangs

Not completely forgetting the fringe, the star of recent years, but it’s time for the right fringe to play the stars. A basic hairstyle from France Gall to Dakota Johnson via Nolwenn Leroy, straight bangs emphasize the look and add a bit of mystery. Perfect for rebalancing a face that is a bit long and/or has a forehead, straight bangs are thick and soft. Feel free to discipline her with a smoothing balm and one Hair fixing mist If you are afraid of a small wrinkle. To distribute the shampoo, because bangs tend to get dirty more quickly than the rest of the hair, use dry shampoo and then brush the brush vigorously.

> Back to school haircut trends

Wide wick on the side

If the transition to bangs seems drastic to you, you can turn to a wide bang that comes straight from the ’60s. If it is placed a little to the side, it is the perfect choice to visually reduce a large forehead and Draw the look into the eyes. It also gives a little imagination and volume to a simple square or gradient. You can leave it free or tie it on the side with a stretch buckleFor a new bourgeois look. However, make sure that it is not too long so that it does not hide your face excessively.

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boyish pieces

What if we cut everything? It is easy to style the hair every morning, the short haircut for women comes in several versions. It can be very short, in the spirit of Jan Seberg; Minimal, accentuates fine lines. If you’re not ready to cut that much, you can opt for a so-called “pixel” cut that has a tuft tapered to one side of the face. In any case, this type of cutting requires a Regular maintenance at the hairdresserBut they can easily be used at home with a little styling gel or hair accessories.

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square drawing

This little square stops just below the ears, but we’re talking about a “short square” as long as the hair doesn’t reach the shoulders. Like a boyish story, it plays with the ambiguity of her stature, half feminine and half masculine. this is special cut It should be performed by a professional. In fact, the shape of the square is made according to the shape of the person who will wear it. To make the drawing square more comfortable, you can play with colors, provided you stay in a globally uniform result.

> Back to school haircut trends

two-tone hair

Go back to the 2000s with the trend for two-tone hair! that it Color or bleach a part of your hairx to get two different colors on all of your hair. If you want to start lightly, tackle only a few locks, the ones that define the face for example. Blue, pink, blond, purple … Everything is possible, provided that you assume this haircut, which is original to say the least, on a daily basis. Be warned, this type of hairstyle requires a lot of maintenance, because the demarcation between the two colors should be quite successful. Also note that colored or bleached hair is often dry and brittleAnd you should receive special care.

> Back to school haircut trends

Image credits: Nancy K.

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