Natalie and Kathy, her best friend, told Charlotte Valandry

Interview by Françoise Smadja


She accompanied Natalie and Kathy, her best friend, Charlotte Valandre to the end and spoke to us between laughter and tears.

Natalie, tall vine with light brown hair, five years younger and mother of two, met Charlotte in her hometown of Blineuve Val-Andre about thirty years ago. “I was eighteen when I first met his intense blue gaze on the sands of Val Andre, she recalls. I could not understand why this beautiful girl had no boyfriend. One summer evening, at sunset, Charlotte told me her horrible secret, that she had contracted a virus HIV. She was a very honest woman. With boys, if one of them satisfies her, she would automatically reveal to him her illness. But this word was enough to frighten them. I understood how important love was to my friend. His meeting with Arthur Liessen, and above all the birth of his daughter, It was Tara, now 22 years old, who filled that gap. Tara was the miracle of her life, her sunshine, her reason for being. She is strong, fragile and brave like her mother. She never left her mother throughout her hospital stay.

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On this day June 13, when her doctor told her that the graft had finally arrived, Charlotte was beautiful, happy, and cheerful. The next day, the day of his operation, and before he left for the operating room, we called him around 5:30 AM. She asked me to send her this famous picture of the poppies I made and which she loved so much, to share with my channel subscribers. Then it all came together very quickly. His family called his friends on July 12 to say goodbye. I kiss him and whisper that it is I, Nath, whom I love. I was there for her, she was there for me.

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A year’s wait, for Charlotte it was a century

Meanwhile, Kathy was a fan of the actress. Then their relationship turned into a friendship. A mother of three, she lives in Annecy and runs a bed and breakfast. This tall brunette with a strong personality never “let go”. “During and after giving birth, our relationship grew stronger. She even set about creating the Trees of Life to escape. We talked until two or three in the morning to cheer him up. Because it was bad. She stopped ‘tomorrow is ours.’ She suffered so much. She kept telling me, ‘But what?’” I will?” Even her album, which she was so proud of, was ultimately unsuccessful…the duo with Marc Lavoine went unnoticed. She was desperate. She had just released her latest book “Make Up With Yourself.” She was in touch to do By “cutting the masks” in 2023.

Wait a year, for Charlotte, it was a century. In 2021, it wasn’t doing well. We rented a cottage with Fabian and Pia to keep her out of things. We were riding bikes and dancing. But since the end of the series, concerts and theater, I only thought about returning to the cinema. However, even the cinema no longer wanted it. It was violent… They preferred younger, thinner actresses. Charlotte did not accept her mutilated body with drugs. She had taken her stomach. She felt bad about herself and this weakened her even more. Her fans supported her and gave her gifts. And on the day she got the transplant, she wanted to thank them so much…

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Confined to Blinov Val Andre, in December 2020, she created Trees of Life, an activity that calms her.

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We attended a show in February 2022 and discovered Covid. Charlotte was shaky, coughing, out of breath after 100 metres. I was so worried. I went to the emergency room. You hadn’t planned anything for Christmas that year. I got him a train ticket for the vacation with his father, in Le Val. Her father sings in the church choir. She was happy to see him like this. In March, I took him to Orléans for the Julien Dorée concert. She was exhausted. And in the evening, before bed, she whispered to me: “If I had a heart attack tonight, I wouldn’t feel it.”

She told her father, sister, and daughter that she did not want therapeutic cruelty if the transplant had not taken place.

In May, she spent a few days with her father. The day before, she called us with Fabian, and said, “I’m really not feeling well. I’m going to take a big bag. Kathy, can you pick me up in Paris and we’ll go straight to the emergency room?” I came back to Annecy on May 15, she called me again With Tara, who has to take her back to the emergency room. Soon after, she contracted Staphylococcus aureus on her arm, for which she underwent surgery. She said to me one day, “I am not afraid of a transplant, but of its repercussions. If I die during the operation, I will die.” Reassure her, I kiss her on the forehead, her hair, her cheek, and I say to her, “I love you. Hold on.” She knew she could count on me to the end. She was so scared! I promised to take her to London on her fifty-fourth birthday, because she did not know this city.

On June 24, her family let me go see her right after her transplant. shocking to me! Her tube was inserted, her eyes were wide and she was looking at me. She didn’t recognize me and said, “I don’t want to be tied up. I hope my heart will come alive again.” With the doctors’ permission, I put “we” by Julien Doré, then Clara Luciani. She was shaking her head as if she wanted to dance as if she wanted to sing. I was sad.

On July 12, Paul, the mediator between her family and friends, called me and told me that her father, daughter Tara and sister Audi had let us and Fabian go and tell her to see her again. She was asleep. Very pale, very weak. We talked to her, we told her we loved her very much, we touched her gently, we reminded her of our happy memories together. She told her father, sister, and daughter that she didn’t want a strong treatment if the transplant didn’t work. She can join her mother, in heaven. “

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