Between the United States and Puy du Dom, she dreams of becoming a film director

The plane between Paris and Boston, Mathilde knows it by heart. It is she who crosses the sky to pursue her training as a filmmaker in the French capital and on the east coast of the United States. Auvergne, the only French in her school, chose to complete her studies in Chicago at the beginning of the school year. “So, I am stronger for the hard work that awaits me,” admits the woman, whose ambitions have been clear, ever since her parents held the camera in her hands when she was fifteen.
Moving around the world is part of her life, but she doesn’t forget where she came from:

It’s a chance to be in Auvergne, the people are simple and kind and the landscape is great, says the young director. This is the key to keeping your feet on the ground.

A short film to promote Auvergne

A few months ago, Mathilde met with Julian Felskill, a director from Rouen. An encounter synonymous with artistic love at first sight. “I wanted to make a short film with him, before returning to the States,” the 20-year-old admits. “Times were short. Writing dialogues, putting together a team, writing poems or photographing…it was all assembled in less than a month and a half. »

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his project, Peter’s poetryIt deals with the subject of the war in Ukraine through a spiritual story between two people. A scenario in which poetry occupies an important place:

I want to make it available through the cinema. When you make a movie, everything is down to the millimeter, less sigh of importance, as in the poem in reality.

But not only: “The film also aims to put Auvergne at the forefront of the stage,” assures the co-director of the short film. Hence, the filming locations were meticulously chosen to enhance the landscape. The team went to the villages of Tourzel-Ronzières, Vodable and Puy d’Ysson. The area is close to our hearts. Making films at Massif Central with so many talented people reminds me that this is the work I want to do,” is sure to be a student preparing to join De Paul University in Chicago starting in mid-August.

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technical fibers

The work also aims to compete in short film festivals, including the Clermont-Ferrand Festival. It is above all a farewell gift to Auvergne … while waiting for his next visit to the volcanoes that could be near Saint-Ostremoen.

I would like to go back to Murad High School to say that anything is possible. My professors at Issoire really got me involved in what I want to do, just like my parents.

But Mathilde Laporte’s painting is not limited to the big screen. At first there was the piano from the age of six. The instrument that managed to blend her voice, overcoming her hypersensitivity. “When I was a kid, I had nightmares, and I always felt the elements ten times as much,” she honestly expresses. Comfortable in recording studios, she uses her art to channel her excess emotions.

For the young artist, sound and image are never far away: photography has also become an activity in itself. “I have become more professional, both by purchasing equipment and during the services I provide to my clients,” Mathilde develops.
On social networks, she then shares her achievements. Pictures that take the time to nurture. “My Instagram account became my business card,” says the French-American.

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On the other side of the Atlantic, Mathilde imagines her future in the arts. A young artist in the making, even 7,000 kilometers away, will always have a part of Auvergne in her heart.

Benoit Lisolnier

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