Zazi is proud of her white hair: This video is totally insane

It’s a critical comeback. Musically with a new title let it shineZazy delights her fans. A piece defended by a clip featuring the 58-year-old singer with white hair. His fans love him.

Zazie is back which is well worth the detour. Four years after his song box Speedreleased in 2018, the former coach of the soundback with let it shine. A new song, but also with a new look. At 58, as Lio did before, she’s playing fair with the audience and now appears with naturally white hair. This is how she decided to introduce herself in the clip of the clip that was unveiled on YouTube and on social networks on Wednesday, July 20. “The Ambient Heat Therapy, ‘Let It Sparkle’ plus her photos, and it’s the start of Zazie’s big comeback… Phew, we really needed her”announces “TeamZazie” on Instagram in the caption toAn excerpt from the completely crazy clip directed by Pierre Saba.

This new look caused a lot of reactions. “Better”Simply comment on Nikos Aliagas on Instagram. Anonymous people also reveal their positive feelings online. “A wave of energy and strength like a ray of sunshine.. Thank you Zazi”, can we read in particular. The public seems pleased to find out what actually looks like a summer success rather than focusing on her new hair color. And it must be said that she previously announced the color, specifically, by posting two photos taken during the filming of the clip on July 8. “ONLY MAGNIFICENTEEEE”And the “So beautiful I love”And the “Oh, my God, awesome!”Fans reacted in the comments.

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“I’m healthy my age, and I have the courage to put up with it”

On July 1, Zazie explained her choice of white hair indulge On the airwaves of RTL. “There’s an undeniable element, it’s courage. The courage to question yourself, to arrive with a white wick saying, ‘Okay guys, that’s normal’ I’m not 20. I don’t want to have them. I’m good at my age, I have the courage to put up with that.” (…) Well, that’s normal”The singer was fired. It is clear that she was right because the first reactions seem positive.

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Image credits: Capture YouTube Zazie clip “Let it Shine”

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