Stroma soon in reality show? These are interesting pictures

Majali Burda subscribers encountered a funny surprise while browsing her Instagram account on Thursday, July 21. In a story posted by the businesswoman, they could see Stromae at the edge of the pool, participating in a game. Pictures taken on a reality show site?

Six years Stromae fans have been waiting for this. After a long absence The Belgian singer is back with pluralityIt is a third album in which he does not hesitate to bring up personal themes. The 37-year-old, who was invited on the set of Anne-Claire Coudray last January, surprised viewers by answering with a song a question about his discomfort and the difficulties he has been through in recent years. I sometimes had suicidal thoughts and I’m not proud of them. Sometimes we think that’s the only way to silence them, these thoughts that make us live in hell.He said in the words of his nickname Hell.

An intimate and distinguished performance that distinguished fans of the eight o’clock news from TF1 and its presenter. Probably the most amazing moment of my career.Ironically, perhaps the easiest interview to prepare! Stroma is a very humble and intelligent person,” Fellow Gilles Beaulieu announced.

Still in full promotion (especially on tour) for this new opus, Stromae showed a completely different face on social networks on Thursday, July 21. To everyone’s surprise, Coralie Barbie’s husband made a brief appearance in Magali Beardeh’s stories. Between two account settlements with Booba – who she accuses of harassment – the product placement queen posted a video of the young father, dressed in a colorful costume, with his hair down, playing a mime with other people. future programme? “,” The TPMP columnist wrote through the Stromae Challenge.

Reality star shares never-before-seen footage of Stromae

At the same time, Joseba – now a symbolic member of the rest of the world And Paga Companion – Also share Translator photos Papotai. Stromae is wearing another very colorful shirt, this time dancing on the edge of the pool while his buddies have fun in the water. “I was shocked. Stromae in a reality show? “,” hung. To separate truth from false, fans of the singer must be patient. No doubt their favorite artist is something enormous.


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