How many times a week should you wash your child’s hair?

Not so long ago, we answered the adult question: How many times a week should you wash your hair? From now on, it’s the turn of the little blond, brown, red and chestnut heads to be the subject of an in-depth response.

How often should a child’s hair be washed?

Children experience thousands of adventures throughout the day. Some make them sweat, others make them make friends with dust, sand, earth… staining their hair in the process. Of course, there are also calmer days, when it seems like nothing really affects the scalp and lengths. In fact, it is not easy to find your way around when taking a shower. Some parents impose shampoo days, others are monitored, even randomly.

10-12 years ago and the great disruption of hormones that accompanies this age group, Babies produce almost no fat And as such, you don’t need a daily shampoo. Once a week minimum, twice in case of heavy sweating (sweating causes the hair to stick).

After swimming, is it enough to wash the hair?

Does your child take swimming lessons? Do you live or do you live near a lake or sea? This is not insignificant to her hair. The shampoo is really necessary to remove residual chlorine or sea salt, The pH of the latter is not optimal for skin and hair, which can lead to itching and dryness.

The only exception: swimming in freshwater lakes, where it is enough to rinse between two shampoos.

What kind of shampoo does the child use?

Baby shampoo should be reserved for children under the age of three, as it is too light and not moisturizing enough for the hair of older children. On the other hand, avoid using adult shampoos, “Baby shampoos have more measured cleaning power than those meant for adults, whose sebum production is greater. Conversely, There is no way to borrow baby shampoo when you are an adult. Lauryane Gaudfroy, Eugène Perma’s Director of Education, explains that it won’t be enough clean up. Except for mixed hair, which is very frizzy and therefore very dry, “this type of hair needs a lot of hydration, but baby shampoo does not need. It doesn’t bring enough. In fact, it is possible to use the so-called adult shampoo, which is intended for this problem – I insisted that If the pH is neutral, then the effect will not be there – provided it is natural and, ideally, organic. Above all, it should not contain silicone, this ingredient is not really suitable for children’s hair,” adds Delphine Cortell, hairstylist in the studio who did not It is found in the hair industry.

The required shampoo dosage is not always clear. Since the baby’s head is smaller and the hair is generally thinner, a small amount, the equivalent of a walnut, is sufficient. Of course if the hair is very thick this dose should be increased. When shampooing, it is important to insist on the temples and the nape of the neck, because these are the wet areas, where you sweat the most and where lice like to stay.

Finally, special attention should be paid to rinsing. To make sure this is actually done, the foam should be gone and the hair should hang down a bit.

Can we apply conditioner to a young child?

In the case of long hair, frequent knots and also if the hair is very dry, conditioner is really a must on the lengths and ends. “It’s best not to insist on rinsing, so some will remain, which will condition the hair and make it easier to detangle. If you usually have a lot of problems when shampooing, To detangle hair, apply conditioner directly to dry hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and then shampoo,” our hairstylist suggests.

And remember: detangling hair starts at the ends, and then gradually moves along the roots. Great way to soften knots when brushing or brushing.

These tricks to avoid knots while shampooing

At home, shampoo = sadness? If your child’s anxiety does not come from the fear of getting his head wet during shampoo, but from the decade-old war that inevitably follows, then these tips from our experts should help you:

Detangling the hair even before it gets wet, just like in a barbershop. This will make shampooing and detangling easier afterwards.

Wash the hair in the direction of the length: by touching the forehead, placing the hands on the head, going down to the ends with shampoo. A gesture that is repeated on both sides of the head and at the level of the neck with insistence, but on the temples and neck.

Make effective small gestures, not big ones that will tangle hair.

Detangle hair before rinsing with a pneumatic brush, a detangling hairbrush, or even a La Bonne Brosse, if you allow.

Do not leave shampoo to your child alone before the age of 7-8 years. He or she may try rubbing his hair, thus tangling it more, or rinsing it hard at the back of the head, an area that kids often miss.

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