Alexandra Lamy as a couple? At the age of 50, she would find love in the arms of a 37-year-old… a businessman

Alexandra Lamy in love? This is what the magazine thinks over here which announces that she has found love alongside a businessman. Pierre Garonnier, aged 37, is ” Co-founder of the startup MYM, formerly Meet Your Model and now Me Your More Explains the magazine. In its columns over here Confirms , ” EXCLUSIVE SUPPORT PHOTOS “, that the actress is in love with this businessman. And to add: Shiny, charming and now in love, at 37 years old, Pierre Garronier seems to have found the recipe for his happiness in the arms of Alexandra Lamy! “.

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From love to celibacy, an inspiring woman

Before forming her iconic husband with Jean Dujardin on screen and in the city, Alexandra Lamy first shared the life of actor Thomas Joinet. Chloe’s daughter Joanne was born out of their love. At the end of the ’90s, I met Jean Dujardin on the set of the series boy girl. After a decade of living together, Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy separated in November 2013. She is 42 years old. She remains positive and inspiring despite the adversity.

In 2017, she decided to move to London with her daughter. You are evaluating magazine columns psychology : ” Even if it was stressful to see the field of suitors narrow, I took time to find myself, to make sure that I would be good to myself again, solid, and unrepentant.London helped me a lot: being among strangers and having to make a new world of friends allowed me to find myself. And take care of me! this is good. “It still has to contend with the ups and downs:” It is very difficult to be alone over the age of forty, especially for a woman who has children, I know many who suffer from it “.

Since then, the actress has remained very cautious about her love life. on set Hello earthlingsshe says that several men approached her and rejected their endeavors: I said no to two famous people. There’s Cliff Owen, and he’s not bad. He was flirting with me so hard, I said stop. And to Kevin Costner. I said no “.

Alexandra Lamy has also learned to find happiness in the little things in life. Explained in columns current wife In 20202: ” There were things in the beginning of celibacy that I did not dare and did not dare. That means, going to eat alone in a restaurant, going to a bar by yourself…these are things you did as a couple and you didn’t dare. you said to yourself Damn, we’ll judge me and then we’ll say to ourselves: “Hello, listen, poor fellow, she is alone in the restaurant…“While now I say to myself “Yes, I have the right! If I want to set up a small restaurant on my own.“But it is true that I did not dare and that now I fully suppose. »

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