Aesthetic Medicine – Baldness, Hair Loss, Hair Loss: Solutions for Men!

Hair loss or hair loss is not only tragic for women, men fear it too! So when the skulls are bald like those of Prince William or Rafael Nadal, that’s the beginning of trouble. Focus on the origin of androgenetic alopecia, differences with baldness, preparations and especially on the most effective solutions.

If the shaving head trend of Zizou and Fabien Barthez panicked hairdressers a few years ago, it must be admitted that fashion in 2022 is very different. And for good reason, the cult of beauty and youth is so intense today that every detail is good to look younger. And the Thick, healthy, shiny hair is definitely a part of the “Forever Young” group.. Indeed, for many, there is no longer any question of having bald heads like Jude Law and Felipe of Spain, or even the crown of notable Hippocrates like Princes William and Harry or Jean Castex.

But what solutions exist today? To try to answer it, we were able to meet the doctor Sarah Fadli, one of the hair transplant experts at the prestigious Maison Lutétia in ParisFounded by Nathanael Aknin.

Alopecia and baldness .. what’s the difference?

For those who don’t know, alopecia and baldness are actually the same thing. More specifically, the . filegenetic baldness It is a pathology, and baldness is the colloquial name that it is more commonly called, especially among men. concretely, Baldness is “only” the aesthetic aspect of alopecia. There are also different types of alopecia, such as diffuse alopecia, traction alopecia, cicatricial alopecia and the famous androgenetic alopecia (in other words, baldness).

according to Norwood classificationThere are 7 stages of alopecia: from simple baldness (stage 1) to complete alopecia where only the Hippocratic crown remains (stage 7).

© Norwood RatingAccording to Norwood’s classification, there are 7 stages of baldness: from simple baldness (stage 1), to complete alopecia in which only the Hippocratic crown remains (stage 7).


What is certain is that men with baldness have genetic predisposition. Their hair follicles are sensitive to dihydrotestosterone (a hormone), which binds to the hair and thus causes it to shrink. Thus, the life span is shortened and the hair ends up falling out more quickly. The effect was widely visible, especially on a character like Rafael Nadal, whose loss of hair mass was clearly talked about, even his treatment, as we saw during the recent Roland Garros tournament.

When are the first signs?

Androgenetic alopecia can show its first signs as early as puberty. By the age of 20, 20% of people will develop androgenetic alopecia. While at the age of 50, one in two men is affected. It is clear that all origins have been affected, however the incidence varies from one ethnic group to another. In short, all men can be affected but with a different prevalence.


According to Dr. Sarah Fadli of Maison Lutétia, “ There is no quick fix because we can’t stop hair loss “. He said this! There are still some drug treatments that can reduce hair loss, to try to preserve hair synthetically, such as minoxidil, finasteride or mesotherapy. But beware,” Once the hair in the area is gone, there is no longer a bulb, the only solution is hair transplantation. Dr. Fadli explains. A technique that consists in replacing lost hair with hair that never falls out, which is taken from the crown of Hippocrates.

How is hair transplantation done?

Maison Lutétia’s know-how is no longer offered, which is why so many stars trust this luxurious venue in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, where it shines a spotlight on aesthetic medicine. Football player and world champion Adel Rami, model and Companion Caroline ReceiverHugo Philip, or actor and humorist Frank Dubusque, as well as humorist Gary and dancer and choreographer Maxime Dermez, to name a few. They all took the initiative. No more primary baldness thanks to the DHI technology for hair transplant without scars, exclusively for Maison Lutétia, which is also the number one hair center in Europe. Just that! This intervention is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthesia. Thus the patient returns in the morning and leaves in the evening.

The intervention takes place in two stages. extraction : Removing grafts from the Hippocratic crown. The attending nurse prepares and sorts them for the medical practitioner.
planting : The doctor makes his action plan with the exact number of grafts at his disposal to know how to distribute them. Then a chart is made to determine the treatment area. The nurse loads the follicles into the injection pen and thus acts as a stage between him and the transplant doctor throughout the process.

with anesthesia Painless hair transplant. But the ideal is to take a leave of 2-3 days after the intervention, as some swelling may occur and it is especially necessary to spray a physiological saline solution every 30-40 minutes on the implantation area. The first shampoo can be used from the third day.

If you are ready to take the initiative and give yourself a new hair life, go to for more information. Of course, all prices are made to order depending on the region and size processed (counting from 3,900 euros to 15,900 euros)! that’s for sure, Jared Leto The destructive mane mane just should watch out!

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