A father chooses the name of his child, and his parents attack his wife based on her decision

While she has just given birth to her first child, a baby girl, the young mother suffers from a disorder. “My body has been going through some tough times lately, especially with my hair falling out due to pregnancy. My feelings were a mess but my husband got through it”, she said on Reddit a few days ago. She adds that after her birth they decided to wait a few days before introducing their child to the family and revealing her first name: “We wanted to keep him to ourselves because his family is traditional and I wanted to wait until I was ready to see people.”

In-laws do not accept first names

The girl’s first name is Ryan: “My husband chose the first name and I chose the middle name. He wanted Ryan to name it in honor of his late brother. I like the first name and it suits him perfectly.” When she felt ready for the reception, she and her husband invited their parents. “I asked my mother-in-law what her name was as soon as they sat down, I told them and she blew up. My mother-in-law asked me what my problem was and why I gave the baby a boy’s name, and my husband explained to them why but they got even more angry saying that the first name they chose [pour leur fils] It was a boy’s name, however, and it was too sacred for me to think of using it. Blame everything on me.”you remember. “Then my father-in-law got into it too and called me an incompetent woman. […] After this last insult they left. As soon as they left I broke down in tears and my family came to console mep,” she explains.

Her husband wants to change the first name

This woman says that the next day she still feels very bad and that the situation was not better for her husband. According to her, he did not sleep winking, not only to take care of their daughter, but also because he was worried. “I asked him what was wrong and he asked if we should change the baby’s name because after all it’s never too late.” I asked him why he suddenly changed his mind and he said it was because his mother told him that if we didn’t they didn’t change him, they didn’t want to do anything With the baby, I didn’t say another word and left in the bathroom to cry. […] I freak out, I think I put my husband in hell but I don’t want to change the name”as you say.

For Internet users, everyone has their share of responsibility in this issue. “I don’t know, it’s her deceased brother’s name and they threw it at her parents. I don’t blame them for being upset and hurt, it’s normal reactions. Mother and her husband should have asked first, or at least warn them”One person writes. “It’s usually a good idea not to share the first name with loved ones until the baby is born, but in this case everyone will suck. I guess you didn’t think how shocking it would be to have someone else in the family who had the same first name for the child they lost. You talk to them before to set them up. Your husband sees it as a tribute because it was his idea and he had time to get used to it. Not your in-laws of course part of their reaction was incredibly mean, and they have reason to resent you – why did you choose their son’s name? – but your husband didn’t come to your defense and correct His parents. Now your husband has acquiesced, having allowed his parents to scold you. You really should have discussed this with them because it affects them in a way that no neutral name does.”, boasts another. And third, it indicates that the husband really had to act: “He didn’t defend his wife. He didn’t tell his parents it was his idea. He didn’t warn them, because he’s his brother and they are parents, he should have told them before the birth to make sure it didn’t happen.”

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