6 ways to braid your hair like Bella Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parler or Kate Moss

This season, pigtails triumph at fashion shows. In alliance with a new generation of celebrities conquered by the art of braiding, they reinvent themselves as sophisticated or bohemian. instructions.

XXL or a mini version, glamorous or bohemian, accented with accessories or simply decorated with sea salt … The braid has been revealed in all its aspects this summer. Riding a wave of fashion and beauty trends from the ’90s, this hairstyle loved by then-pop stars (like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) returns in 2022 to catch the eye. Disciplined, defined and sophisticated, she takes a sophisticated look on catwalks and red carpets. Even influencers have mastered the art of braiding to perfection on social media and staged it as a fetish look for the last Coachella festival.

The return excites experts in this field. “The braid is playful, and plays with cultural and ethnic symbols, but also with the feminine and masculine. It all blends in with a holiday vibe,” notes David Mallet, hairstylist and founder of the salon of the same name, in Paris. “It can completely change our appearance, without the need for a hair drastic change like color or cut. It’s so ephemeral, you can get rid of it at any time, which is great.”

Video Crown Braid Tutorial by Sarah Angus

Freed from the connotation of “little girl”, this immortal capillary adapts to all generations, regardless of its regressive appearance. “There is no age to wear braided hair. In hairstyling, don’t be afraid to get started, everything has to be taken seriously. You can allow yourself to enjoy your hair without being afraid of the other’s look,” continues David Mallett, who encourages both people at Thirty-fifty years of age. The proof, even Carrie Bradshaw, the fashion icon par excellence, wears it at age 57 on the series and like thatrestart the series Sex and the City. On the other hand, there is no hope that he will do less than his age. “The curl is no longer from the childish side, you don’t have to imagine that you will look younger or look like the teenager you were 15. It should be comfortable and fun for us,” adds Adrien Coelho, hairstylist and founder of Very Confidential Salon in Paris. According to the expert, the important thing is to match the style of the braid to the personality of the wearer: “Whether we’re a childlike woman or an expensive woman, it should match our personality.” Here are some suggestions for finding the right one for this summer.

braided bun

Celia Critharioti haute couture show, Spring-Summer 2022. Imaxtree.com

Like Bella Hadid and Coco Rocha at the Cannes Film Festival, we dare the glamorous red carpet of a hot summer evening, revisiting the braided bun. “If you want a more elegant look for a dinner party during the holidays, you can opt for the braided knot that works with the effect wet So chic, hairstylist Delphine Cortell suggests. After rinsing off the hair care product, apply the gel to wet hair. Tie your hair in a ponytail. Then, make a braid on the lengths and wrap it over itself in a bun. It’s more chic and modern than a basic bun.” For double the effect, you can even tie it up with skull-stick braids, like Tina Konaki on the Croisette’s red carpet.

mats glued

The Spring/Summer 2022 show, Christian Dior, behind the scenes. Imaxtree.com

“Without a doubt, the hottest look this year is the stick-on braid. We see it everywhere on social networks, parades, celebrities, and hairstylist Delphine Courtel notes. In fact, it’s the African braid reinterpreted on European hair. If we look at the history of braids. and braids, many women in the ’80s and ’90s wore this type of hairstyle strongly inspired by Afro culture. This is coming back a lot today in 2022.” If it is clear that it is recommended to contact a professional (save forty minutes minimum at the salon to braid only). ), skilled people can also try it out for themselves at home. “The trick is to start by taking very small strands out of three, then thicken them more and more,” says David Lucas, hairstylist and founder of Salons in Paris, who then suggests “starting each strand vertically aligned with a prominent mark on the face: for example, placing The first is between the eyebrows, the second is at the tip of the nostril and so on. ” In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the practical aspect is also what entices. “If you’ve been on vacation or on a road trip for more than two weeks and don’t want to worry about your hair routine, this is perfect,” says Delphine Courtelle. Threaded braids are easy to live with, so there’s no need to shampoo every day. You can shower, swim, and forget about them all. All of that, they suit all face shapes and hair types, as long as you have at least one bob length.”

boxer braids

Bronx and Banco fashion show, Spring/Summer 2022. Imaxtree.com

Often credited to the look of boxers, these two braided braids on the skull add a tough side to our summer looks, whether we’re athletic or not. “Perfect for a boat trip, they protect hair from sun, salt, and wind,” says hairstylist David Mallett. They take root on the hairline, on either side of the central parting, and run diagonally to the back of the head. To make it more modern, we’re daring along the XXL and letting it fall from the back to the waist. “We braid them according to each person’s face shape, based on the position of the nose, eyebrows, etc. The hairstylist, who also advises flaunting the accessories, explains: “Weave a scarf into the hair for a ’90s vibe. You can also use leather tape or laces, for example. There’s no limit.” It’s enough to drive out thoughts about double braids in adulthood.

ear cue

Sarah Jessica Parker in And like that. Getty Images

The two-prong hippie braid, as worn by Jane Birkin in the 1970s, appeared on the back of Hailey Bieber on the Grammy Awards red carpet, or on Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoulder, on the set of the series. and like that. Hairstylist Adrien Coelho, who finds it perfect for the summer season and easy to live with, suggests transforming it in every way: “We can do one on each side of the head, a final one on the head, or in a crown around that face,” he advises. Her advice for keeping them in place and avoiding frizz? “I always recommend applying a little bit of texturing spray to each strand to hold the hair together, make crossover easier, and reduce fuzziness. We’re not looking for perfection either, we’re keeping the bohemian side a bit more subtle.”

small mats

Gigi Hadid backstage at the Altuzarra Spring/Summer show in New York in September 2021. Imaxtree.com

Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Angell, Gigi Hadid, Margot Robbie, Hailey Bieber… Millennials are reviving the popular hairstyle of the ’90s and into the 2000s. On TikTok, the #babybraids trend has garnered over 40 million views. The hashtag brings together a large number of video tutorials to demonstrate this look. Hairstylist Delphine Courtel sees it as a reinterpretation of Kate Moss’ iconic look from the ’90s, immortalized during a Calvin Klein photoshoot. Sharon Tate wore it already in 1968, at the Cannes Film Festival. The correct technique to copy it while avoiding the “rat’s tail” effect? The expert warns not to use hair that is too clean, otherwise it will slip. Apply a little dry shampoo from the roots to the length. Using a tail comb, part in the middle. Make a small braid on each side of the face and tie it up with small transparent elastic bands for a bohemian chic side. “This style is suitable for a 17-year-old girl as well as a woman of 35 or older, whether she has a bob or medium-length hair,” she asserts. It can be incorporated into the hair to give life, and add some pearls to the locks for a retro side.

XXL braid

Alicia Keys on the red carpet at the Met Gala in May 2022, in New York City. WireImage

Mainly updated thanks to Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys, this extra-long model is also making its mark on the haute couture shows this summer (at Viktor & Rolf and Alexis Mabille). A look that reminds hairstylist David Mallet of the singer Sade’s famous hairstyle in the ’80s: “It’s the most iconic braid ever. With her hair pulled back and long, thick, super long bouncy braids, she has a side of couture,” he describes. For its adoption, the expert advises wearing hair extensions on a summer evening. The boldest can also customize it as desired: Adrien Coelho suggests: “Give it a touch of subtle summer color with a simple silk scarf or satin strands and ribbons. There are also holes in the hair if you prefer to give it a rocky vibe.”

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