Ultra-luxurious depiction of Marion Barbeau, Principal Dancer at the Paris Opera

Event movie revealed In the body,By Cedric Clapeche, the first dancer at the Paris Opera, Marion Barbeau possesses charm and grace. It is not a classic, it explains to us the fashion of winter 2022-2023.

The main dancer at the Paris Opera and a very successful film actress – In the body, By Cedric Clapish, who has surpassed a million spectators since its March launch – Marion Barbeau, 31, has gone from the Palais Garnier theater to the red carpet at movie premieres. An astonishing makeover, alters the sheets of a career that seemed to have been completely drawn out. A wise classic ballerina who must reinvent herself after an accident in the movie, we find her, on that day, in a photography studio and under a completely different side in order to Madame FigaroChosen to embody haute couture.

Marion Barbeau, cover story

Her hair is short, half-peroxide, a grunge version, wrapped around her in a Chanel tulle and organza dress with cowboy boots, and she flutters and is happy to evolve in a neoprene dress by Balenciaga, a bodysuit by Zuhair Murad or a floral dress by Schiaparelli. Participate in this special edition of Haute Couture Madame Figaro It’s a party. Couture is a gigantic, meticulous, meticulous, rigorous work that is close to the dance world I belong to. It’s the same demand, the same feelings. It is also a new world in which this revelation is immersed in another light, the cinema.

on the video, In the bodyteaser

Marion Barbeau always danced. On weekends, his father, a dentist, pushed music to the extreme. “It was Cramps or The Bee Gees. My sister and I were dancing to these grouped tunes. Her love for classical dance came later. She couldn’t figure out why.” What I do know is that at the age of five I started my first lessons in a small school in Fontenay- sous-Bois, near Paris, with a wonderful teacher who taught me discipline without tyranny. I remember his dog and his cat. The atmosphere was family friendly. I loved.” I continued at the Conservatoire des Abbesses, then entered the Nanterre Opera School. Five years of training. “It was austerity. But I had a friend, Silvia Saint Martin, who is also at the Opera today. We challenged each other during class, supported each other, and managed, despite everything, to have a great time. We were excited. If you are not, then this profession is difficult to afford. Work guided the life of Marion Barbeau. “I had some standards, Nureyev, of course, for who he is and for the richness of the repertoire to which the opera owes. And American ballerina Gelsey Kirkland, my favorite ballerina, with all the delicacy and strength and precision and lightness of her oblique descent and work down her leg.”

Director Cedric Klapish, who often comes to watch opera ballet, noticed this talented young woman. When he told her about his film project, she accepted it without hesitation. Then she loved photography and cinematography. In the body I let him go Al Bayader for Hovich Schechter, a famous Israeli choreographer, to cross stylistic boundaries (“Of course, contemporary dance has its place in opera, but that was not what he originally intended”) and… to become the revelation of the year by capturing the light as a dancer but also as an actress. How annoying is it to move from one world to another? “Am I at a crossroads? I don’t know. The doors open and I don’t want them to close. I love meeting choreographers, creating, seeing other worlds…”

Marion wears knitted mini dress in washed denim, jewellery, Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture by Olivier Rousteing. Bojana Tatarska.

The dancer has just opted for an independent adventure outside the walls for a year. During this arc, you will take on two projects. On the one hand, an innovation was created with Laura Bachmann, the former lead opera dancer who followed Benjamin Millepied to Los Angeles; On the other hand, sign his first choreography. In the meantime, she’s shooting another movie, Baptiste Debraux, which gave her the role of a young woman who struggles to keep the factory open during a strike.

the future ? “Cornelly’s Choices…”, Dodge. We think she’s torn between a deep attachment to her home that might soon call her star dancer, sea calling, adventure, choreography and film creation. She didn’t say anything, perhaps because she didn’t know, but she smiled: “What is certain is that Cedric Clapish’s movie has caused a great storm in my life.”

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