These 5 Famous Perfumes Are For Sale

If the summer sale is over now, there are still a few promotions to reveal here and there that could make you see life in pink. Benefiting from -20% off their original price, these five fragrances from major brands are offered to you at small prices, and offer you the possibility to enjoy yourself, even outside sales.
In summer as in winter, we like to perfume our skin and hair with a delicate fragrance, synonymous with our moods and identity. Whether it is floral, sweet, woody or even spicy, the olfactory aroma of our perfumes gives it a character and atmosphere that we can recognize among the thousands, leaving a delicious scent and a pleasant memory on our way.
Whether you like to change it up every season, or swear by your preference, the fragrance you choose to wear is an integral part of your beauty routine, and can sometimes even hook you up as its scent swirls in the surrounding air. And reach the gills around you. Who among us has never heard of “the smell of such-and-such – it looks like such-and-such”? Perfume is a more personal item than you think, it is a staple in your bathroom and can evoke a lot of emotions.
The good news is that one of your favorite perfumes could be a part of this selection of 5 top brands for sale, or it could just become a great find, which could be a new daily bottle.

Flowerbomb, Viktor & Rolf

A true floral bouquet, this warm and sparkling fragrance is a summertime staple. Its notes of bergamot, orchid and Centifolia rose invite you on a sensual journey to the end of the world, which will leave an alluring and sweet scent on your way. Arranged in a pink bottle and drawings, 30ml is currently only €51.95.

Good girl Carolina Herrera

This already famous stiletto-heel bottle has a seductive, mysterious and totally modern fragrance. The essence of a confident woman with a lethal side, this fragrance with notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, and tonka bean, is as charming as it is hypnotic. Powdery and distinctive, she is the symbol of the contemporary and independent woman. in the reduction, Brought to you by 30 ml at €49.45.

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Strange goddess, Mugler

A solar and floral fragrance with the essence of Italian bergamot and bourbon vanilla, revealing your sacred femininity and adorning your skin with a delicate and delicate scent. Presented in a talisman bottle, this oriental and woody fragrance is totally addictive and stands out for its light, summery essence.
benefit from -20%, A 60ml bottle is offered to you for only €72.45.

Daisy, Marc Jacobs

Its simple name is an invitation to imagination and freedom. This fruity, vibrant and lively fragrance with notes of violet, strawberry and vanilla is a true elixir of youth. Delicate and spring-like, daisy is synonymous with the joy of life and purity. The flower carafe almost becomes a decorative element that we like to admire for its originality. in promotion, 50ml is offered to you at €54.45.

Vos Viva, Valentino

Travel to Rome and wear a delicious essence with aromatic notes of orange blossom and vanilla around your neck. To create the perfect accord, these delicious notes intertwine with perfection to generate a strong and utterly enchanting floral fragrance. Presented in a bottle that looks as precious as a jewel, Brought to you by 30 ml at 51.95 EUR.

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