Slaps, hair pulling and occasional memory loss in repetition

Michael C. An argument erupts and there, the charming husband, sticks two slaps to the mother of his children before pulling her by the hair. He leaves, gets into his car and will have enough time to back off when the police arrive to arrest him. Things get worse because he refuses to control him and even refuses to handcuff him. Insults and death threats against police officers are tracked. To make matters worse, he checked with a blood alcohol level of 1.94 g/L. The victim, who fortunately does not have an ITT, recorded the scene with his phone through the microphone.

The hearing promises to be boring. Defendant clings to his post, doesn’t remember anything but asks the court to help him fight his alcoholism. As the attorney general points out: We can hear slapsThe victim also reported habitual violence, they had been together for 17 years.


When the civil plaintiff asked about this earlier violence, the defendant was alarmed: “It’s dangerous but I can’t go back, then we’re here for the July 18 factsThe counsel is given during his closing arguments.We expected him to forgive, but it’s easier not to explain. She thinks her guilt is his presence but this is usual in cases of domestic violence“.

With 7 mentioned in his record, the prosecution does not stain the words: “He refuses to submit to the police and today he is on the same line. His memory is selective because he does not want to explain himself. This hearing will not have any effect on him, I can only ask to protect his victims. Repeated the offender in everything, I ask you for two years imprisonment accompanied by an order Deposit and revoke his license and prohibit its restoration for a period of one year“.The defense is motivated by the hard truth, which is”This is the first time he has appeared on charges of violence against him. It is addictive and it is always difficult to recover even with treatment. He has a job, I beg you mercy“.

The court will hear the defendant’s pleas and sentence him to 30 months in prison, including 6 months accompanied by an enhanced probation sentence. The chief issues a deposit note and announces the prohibition of communication, from appearing at his companion’s house, revoking the permit and prohibiting ironing for a period of 6 months. confiscation of his car.

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