She films herself cutting her hair

Giuseppa wants change. But instead of going to the hairdresser, the candidate preferred to cut her hair herself. She posts a video of the result on her Instagram account.

Josepa: No gift after a year of love with Baja

No one bet on the pair Paga and Giuseppa However, the two love birds just celebrated one year of their relationship. If lovers cause confusion for viewers during the broadcast of a program Trained adventurersNow everything seems to be going for the better in their relationship.

Moreover, Josippa will never say enough: they make up an ordinary couple with their disagreements and arguments, like no one else! On the other hand, there’s one thing they didn’t do like all of their buddies, and that was celebrate their anniversary with great fanfare.

In fact, if netizens got used to big receptions that influencers give at the slightest chance, Giuseppa and Paga (whose cleanliness are questioned) opted for simplicity. While they celebrated one year of their relationship, the two candidates simply posted a photo of a couple on social networks. There are no restaurants, no flowers, no chocolate. They used to ask netizens for more gloss. But they didn’t go unanswered for long as Giuseppe explained during a question-and-answer session: “We don’t think about it that much. The main thing is that we’re okay and that we’re enjoying the moment. We’ll do that when we celebrate our wedding years later.”

Joseba cuts her own hair.

Joseba: She cuts her hair alone in the video

But that’s not the only thing the candidate doesn’t do like everyone else. While the influencer was able to afford the services of a great hairstylist, she decided She cut her hair… by herself. And on the video!

As you know, Giuseppa has her own Youtube channel. Channel fed every week. Next week, netizens will be able to discover it during the process Make a square cut. On Instagram, absent birthday girl Julian Tanti shared a small snippet from her upcoming video, enough to spark suspense. Spoiler alert: Its subscribers are already impressed with the result.

“It suits you”; “Your yard is very nice” or “looks hot” Can we read in the comments of his post.

Josepa: One foot in BDSM?  She exposes her body and lights the web!

Giuseppa Ciuleo is going through a bad phase. After some health problems, the girl lost a lot of weight. Uncomfortable in her body, she decides to take the bull by the horns and pose in BDSM clothes.

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