Rihanna is already expanding her “Fenty Hair” brand into two more categories!

Nothing stops Rihanna! The singer and businesswoman continues to expand her empire day by day. His latest project: Fenty Hair!

Whatever she does, Rihanna piques the interest of her fans. In fact, the latter became the youngest self-made billionaire in the United States. a place she owes to her empire (Fenty Beauty, Savage x Fenty, Fenty Skin and so on Venti Hair). MCE TV explains everything from the ground up!

All smiles on Rihanna in 2022

Earlier this year, Rihanna and A$ap Rocky surprised everyone with their reveal They are going to be parents for the first time. TranslatorParachute He showed up with a really well-rounded belly on the snowy streets of the Bronx.

Their photos were quickly snapped around the world. from now on, Rihanna makes her pregnancy an event ! And because she wanted to change the way women dress during this period, she linked the amazing looks.

Thus, each of his outings was an event. Realizing this phenomenon, Rihanna made the cover of US Vogue (May 2022), wearing a lace jumpsuit with her baby bump. Furthermore it, She used her time at Paris Fashion Week to do this picture.

An opportunity for her to redefine her concept of motherhood. Just that!

When she gave birth to her son, Rihanna had a hard time letting him go. But it seems that she is gradually resuming her star life after her son is two months old.

In fact, at the moment, Rihanna is traveling across Europe to support A$ap Rocky who performs at several festivals. From now on, each of its outputs is checked.

and lo Rihanna doesn’t look ready to release her albumis still going Maintaining the status of a billionaire. Especially with its new brand fifty hayr. MCE TV tells you more!

What does the Fenty Hair brand have in store?

While her fans are waiting for her new album R9 Firmly, it looks like Rihanna has other projects on fire. Like launching his own hair care brand. An initiative that will not shock anyone, because it has changed the way of her hair a lot in her career.

In fact, Rihanna has adopted every haircut imaginable. Long, short, red, caramel, hilly, in short, I’ve tried everything. Thus, when rumors spread that she was launching her own hair care brand, her fans welcomed the news without problems.

Yes, Rihanna didn’t say her last word, with her mark fifty hayrwhich I introduced in March 2021. Basically, it was meant to consist only of styling products, moisturizers, curly straighteners and hair colours.

But, The mark seems to extend into two other categories. They are hair brushes, combs, etc., hair extensions, wigs, and wigs. Just that!

In addition, to offer lingerie, make-up and skin care, Rihanna will soon turn into a hairdresser and make-up artistTo please his fans.

After this announcement, fans did not hesitate to ask this question: What time is Fenty Music? »And the “I love you, Ri, but R9?” or “All my money is already gone”. Rihanna invites herself back into her everyday life.

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