Oily Hair: How do we prevent it from getting greasy too quickly with high heat?

What is the miracle solution to avoid the appearance of oily hair very quickly? This is the question that often arises, especially during a heat wave. Hairstylist Gianni Cuba, founder of R Factory Paris, shares his tips.

If you’re tired of shampooing regularly during the summer, take notes. Having oily hair is simply due to excess fat. This phenomenon can be caused by several reasons: stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance, but also heat. Because of the sweat, your hair gets greasy very quickly. Despite your many attempts to keep the hair clean and silky, nothing helps. Fortunately, expert in the field Gianni Cuba invites you to finally tackle this problem.

Tips to get rid of oily scalp

The first thing to do to avoid greasing your hair, He touches them as little as possible. the reason ? Regular hands running through your hair cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. As a result, your roots regenerate very quickly and your lengths get dirty. All in all, touching your hair all the time is a bad habit. : This speeds up the fall and damages the lengths…

The best way to avoid regular contact with your hair is to tie it up. In times of high heat, “It’s always more comfortable and will paint less quickly.” In terms of hairstyle, you have the choice: ponytail, bun, braid…you will find what you are looking for easily! but beware, Avoid scarves or other accessories “Which may lead to heat amplification on the scalp” Thus, it contributes to making it fat. Another smart tip, “After shampooing and drying on clean hair, Use dry shampoo for prevention – a bit like talc – which absorbs moisture.”

Oily hair: common mistakes

One of the mistakes that often occurs is washing hair regularly. It’s simple: the more you wash it, the faster the hair will become greasy. In response to this daily aggression, your scalp will produce more oil to defend itself. Bad rinsing comes second. Take your time not to forget any part of the skull. This step should not be overlooked. As a reminder, the conditioner only applies to lengths, Also a hair mask. By applying these tips, your hair will remain dry despite the summer heat!

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