Julianne Moore regrets plucking her eyebrows

in an interview in Sunday timesJulianne Moore revealed that she “ruined her eyebrows” by pulling them out. “As a teenager and young woman, I kept picking up my eyebrows, bleaching them, and doing all kinds of things for them, so today they’re completely gone. Now I paint them,” the 61-year-old said.

Eyebrows, worker Julianne Moore

As we know, eyebrows are very important in building a face. And drawing them every day is a task that has turned out to be a lot more difficult than it sounds, since she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2015 for the movie. still alice reveal itStruggling to find the right shade of eyebrow pencil She added, “It’s very hard to find the right color. Most brands make brow products that make brows red. There aren’t many redheads who have red brows. Mine are dark blonde.”

Now she doesn’t touch him. She is closely watching her daughter Liv, 20. “Liv has red hair and the most beautiful black eyebrows. I told her, Please don’t touch your eyebrows. Really. And don’t let anyone else touch them either.”

Her red hair is a sign of her uniqueness

In Hollywood, she is one of the most famous red-haired actresses. But, having grown up in the United States, Julianne Moore explains that being red-haired was a real complication for her “I felt like no one had freckles. I just wanted to look like all the other tanned American kids. I hated being the one who couldn’t go to the beach or had to wear long sleeves. I guess I kept that habit.”

Today, the star does not care about her image and She admits that time has allowed her to be confident in herself : “I think it happens naturally because you have other things that matter more to you, like family, relationships, work or your network. (…) I don’t think the complexes disappear completely or that there’s not one person in the world who doesn’t care, everyone cares a little bit. But As you get older, you realize how pointless it is to give importance to all of that and you do it less.”

Old age in Hollywood

Aging is a stage of life like any other for Julianne Moore. In an interview with Vogue UK, the actress answered a question about getting older as a woman in Hollywood: “I honestly think it’s less difficult now. The thing about the Hollywood entertainment industry is that it really reflects our culture as a whole – and our culture has changed, so I think Hollywood has It’s also changed. When people talk about aging as a pejorative thing, it’s really crazy, because it’s just a fact. You know, there’s no problem! We’re young once upon a time. And It’s a privilege to keep getting old because the alternative is simply not to be here anymore. “

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