HAIR Chignons: 5 super chic hairstyles to copy effortlessly this summer

The bun is the perfect hairstyle to survive periods of high heat as it flatters the neck and face. over here I spotted five different ways to make your own cake.

To differ from the traditional ponytail, let yourself be tempted with a bun. Perfect to counter the heat wave, this hairstyle allows for a clean neck and face. homework ? Probably To reject the cake in many different ways. We love it when it’s done quickly for a tousled look or when it’s sophisticated. Recently on Instagram, we have seen many cake models on fashion. Use these five super-hot options to spice up your hair changes this summer.

1. A medium-high bun is a favorite of dancers

We start with a great classic cake: a medium-rising cake. Practical and easy to achieve, this hairstyle is your ally during the summer period. Caro Daur adopts it with a painted effect on the front. This hairstyle is perfect for hiding dirty hair. It is enough to flatten it well and apply gel or hairspray.

2. Low bun for an elegant look

The low version is easy to make. To achieve a low bun in 5 minutes, here are the 3 steps to follow Tie your hair into a low ponytail, twist it over itself to shape it and then secure it with bun clips. Tadam ! We copy those by Leonie Han without moderation.

Leonie Han Instagram

3. The quick knot, or messy bun, for a relaxed look

If you don’t have the time or desire to style your hair, a quick bun is the perfect choice. All you have to do is re-comb your hair into a ponytail. From there, you do the movement as if you were going to make a bun, but stop once you cut the ponytail in half. It gives the impression of being determined but in two seconds at the best time!

4. Work cake, which you wear to a wedding

For the bravest, you can reproduce the working cake. Amelie Zilber was photographed on the streets of Paris With a fine knot on the front. the details ? Delicately arranged curls are worthy of a wedding cake.

Emily Zilber Verin-Christoph Clovis / Bestmag

5. High bun, or very elegant sauerkraut for our grandmothers

This version of the cake is very desirable. You don’t need a donut to make your cake work. Get a comb or hairbrush and a rubber band. Create a high ponytail, wrap your hair and wrap it around the elastic. Secure your knot bun with bobby pins. Give it some volume by pulling some strands left and right. This option is ideal for curly and straight hair.

Nadia Lee Cohen watchful

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