Twelfth Night: Moon

How was the moon born?

There are several hypotheses. Most likely, the massive collision occurred 4.5 billion years ago. Earth that was forming and collided with another planet. Then the shock debris reassembled itself to give birth the moon.

full moon Surrounded by superstition and ritual: nails and hair will grow back more beautiful if they are cut at this time. It would help in the growth of plants. “Our Lady of Sovereign Melancholy, She is the advisor to poets and all the enemies of sleep.

At the moment, a file is available the moon It is the only space object that humans have ever set foot on. It is 384,000 km from Earth and takes about 3 travel days. she has two facesOne she’s never seen. The ground is gray and full of potholes, holes and cracks. There are footprints, Astronauts who walked on lunar soil. In the absence of life, atmosphere and wind, footprints remain frozen in dust. Several recent expeditions have discovered the presence of water, more precisely ice trapped in rocks, at the bottom of craters, in the shadows, at the poles. But you can’t stay there for long because you need reserves of oxygen and energy… NASA It has plans to return to the Moon in 2024. There are plans to install infrastructure at the Moon’s south pole. For the first time, an astronaut will leave for this purpose A mission named Artemis.

In Roman mythology, it was called color, named after a beautiful young woman who travels through the sky on a silver chariot. For the Greeks, it is CelinesisterHeliossun god and dawn goddess, eos. One day, Celine falls madly in love with a shepherd named EndymionThe most beautiful people. Then the goddess descends to earth to unite with him. Endymion, handsome as he is, is not a god, and the thought of him getting old is unbearable for Selene. To correct this, ask Celine Zeus, the god of the gods, to put Endymion into eternal slumber. Celine visits her night after night and so the moon appears every night.

During this last interstellar journey, you will encounter:

  • Celine : goddess of the moon, in Greek mythology, sister of the sun god and goddess of dawn Eos.
  • Endymion Shepherd, in love with Celine. Zeus, king of the gods, grants him to never grow old while remaining immersed in an eternal sleep.
  • the moon : “It plays a very important role: first for the stability of the Earth’s orbit and inclination, and then in our lives: it allows us to measure time, orients us at night, and creates currents in our oceans. But especially without the Moon, humans might not be on Earth. And if it weren’t for The moon is there, the climate changes are going to be too fast and too violent for us to live.” Françoise Combs
  • Artemis mission: A program developed by NASA with the aim of building the future space station lunar orbital portal Placed in orbit around the Moon, it will act as a relay between the Earth and the Moon’s surface.

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A family fiction podcast proposed by Camille Renard, written by Alice Potwood, and directed by Charlotte Rowe.
with actresses
Leopoldine Cire, Anne Canovas and astrophysicist Françoise Combs in her own role
original music : Jonathan Fitosi
The original podcast song Performed by Leopoldine Siri and composed by Mikael Olivier: And you are the star that shines for him? Who do you run for at dawn?
fee : Cecil Origen
mix : Frédéric Changenet, Guillaume Le Dû, Thomas Robine, Ariane Neumann. Sound effects : Bertrand Emil.

Thanks to astrophysicist and science historian Thomas Weidmann, Gilhem Flosat, Suzanne François Renard, CM1 at the Ecole Tourtille in Belleville (Paris).

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