Top 10 anti-frizz treatments to effectively tame them this summer

What anti-frizz treatments, suitable for your hair type, should you be incorporating into your beauty routine this summer?
Just like the skin, hair is tested during the summer and can also suffer from dryness. Then the hair mass becomes dry and brittle and risks absorbing moisture more easily. The result: the appearance of frizz that’s hard to tame. If we think the first reaction is to double the shampoo, conditioner and mask, it should be limited to once or twice a week at most to avoid further attacking the hair fiber. Among the good things to do to get rid of frizz:

1 / Choose a silk pillowcase

Upon contact with this natural substance, hair glides without causing friction, which is responsible for split ends and frizz.

Queen Size Embroidered Silk Pillow Case


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2/ Choose a bristle brush

In addition to the refreshing treatment, it particularly eliminates static electricity, beautifully sculpts curls and smoothes frizz.

3/ Don’t skimp on apple cider vinegar

We no longer offer its virtues today: Apple cider vinegar in particular is a powerful ally for dull, dry hair, which tends to frizz.

4 / Adopt proper anti-frizz care

In addition to replacing your traditional shampoo with a version rich in nourishing and hydrating ingredients during the summer, it’s also important to get hair products specifically formulated to fight frizz.

For those looking for an anti-UV treatment: Bumble and Bumble’s Unvisable Oil

Inside this bottle: an unstoppable cocktail of 6 oils (Coconut, Argan, Macadamia Nut, Sweet Almond, Safflower Seed and Grape Seed) that protect hair from heat, UV rays, split ends and frizz. Spray on dry or damp hair all summer long.

Bumble & Bumble – Invisible Hair Styler Oil


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For those looking for excellent care: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Absolute Nourishing Oil Essence

Designed as a treatment that brings shine and hydration, this anti-wrinkle treatment harks back to camellia oil, the beauty secret of geisha ancestors. This natural component is especially rich in lipids and minerals, which makes it possible to defeat frizz and keep hair shiny, soft and healthy throughout the holidays.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair – Ultimate Formula Nourishing Oil


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For dry hair: a miracle elixir from Coco & Eve

It is the ideal treatment for particularly fragile hair. Formulated with nourishing and hydrating ingredients (like coconut, hyaluronic acid, papaya, etc.), this hand-applied elixir on lengths and even ends acts as a shield against heat and humidity. Attention, it’s (very) out of stock on a regular basis…

Coco & Eve – A Virgin Hair Miracle Elixir

24.50 €

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For those who use heating appliances regularly: Olaplex Restorative Oil

While smoothing frizz, this oil adds shine and luster, makes hair softer and protects it from heat sources (up to 232 degrees). Furthermore, you shouldn’t rely on its mini format: it only takes a few drops to spread it to the lengths. Over the uses, the bottle never seems to be empty!

Olaplex – Repairing Oil


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For those looking for a treat at a low price: The Ordinary’s 100% Plant-Derived Squalene Half-Treat

Featherweight price, but tremendous efficiency! This emollient treatment protects skin and hair from drying out without leaving behind a greasy look. The key: perfectly smooth crease.

The Ordinary – 100% Plant Derived Hemi-squalene

4.70 EUR

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For severe frizz: Redken’s Frizz Removal

Suitable for both thick and thinners, this leave-in treatment contains Babassu Oil, which is effective against moisture-related hair disruption. Hair is smoothed, shiny and frizzy. A special reference to its monochromatic intoxicating scent.

Redken – Eliminate Frizz

27 EUR

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For Dull Hair: The 6-in-1 Virtue Style

An ultra-light serum that works together to fight frizz and heat, naturally maintain style and add shine.

Virtue – Style 6 in 1


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For fine hair: Leonor Grill Silk Serum

Rich in silk and botanical oils, this serum is applied as the last step in your detangling care routine while protecting it from sun, humidity and static electricity, erasing all traces of frizz.

Leonor Grill Paris – Silk Enhancing Serum

32 EUR

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For curly or frizzy hair: John Masters Organics Anti-Frizz Nourishing Elixir

A blend of Avocado, Evening Primrose and Olive oils to deeply nourish the hair fiber and ensure that the ends do not split or frizz.

John Masters Organics Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Elixir

24.90 €

John Masters Organics via

For those looking for a treatment with an all-natural formula: the Phyto Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

This smoothing treatment formula includes 98% of natural ingredients, including red algae extract with anti-moisture properties that tame frizz and frizz.

Phyto – anti-wrinkle treatment

12.90 EUR

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