This is proof that the best anime characters have white hair

One thing all anime fans will agree on is that white-haired anime characters are usually the strongest, coolest, and most exciting. If the character has white hair or has had issues causing their hair to turn white, be prepared for some well-deserved action.

Gojo Satoru – Jujutsu Kaisen

He exudes a lazy energy at first, but true anime fans know that characters like him are usually quite strong. With his eye patch, he is the hilarious and annoying sense of his students, but the moment the mask comes off, the force is transmitted. Gojo is an arrogant but very skilled magician and no one should ever interrupt him.


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Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

To be fair, Kaneki was a loser until he got his “character development” that turned his hair white. He has turned into an ogre who needs to eat people to survive, but this man chose to drink coffee instead to suppress his hunger, in his time as a true savior. Kaneki has this good bow-turned-villain of his, and I love him. His fight scenes are fun to watch and watch him save the world as if it were another Tuesday that never gets old.

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kakashi naruto

The internet lost its mind when we realized this guy was reading spam for general fun. But there is more to him than being a whore. Kakashi motivates his students to perform at their best. Imagine that you are a student of the Hokage, studying the Hokage, and then becoming a Hokage yourself. To be as strong as the main character, whose strength is half a demon, is just a beard.

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Killua – Hunter x Hunter

Don’t be fooled by his kindness. Don’t even get close when he’s in killer mode because that will be the end of you. Killua takes self-confidence to another level, but you will do the same if you are indomitable. He’s also a very good friend and always has fun for someone with a very tragic history.

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Todoroki – My Hero Academia

To be fair, Todoroki isn’t purely white-haired, but he got a pass because, if things get tough, he’ll have pure white hair to erase the red that reminds him of his father. It is the embodiment of calm and contemplation. His powers are amazing but slow down the action. His growth as a person is the kiss of his boss, a safe place for fans with daddy issues.

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nagenda- Kill Akame Ga

It is impossible for anyone to watch Akame Ga Kill and not fall in love with Nagenda. I started out as a great general whose hobby was killing people. But… I remember a cartoon hero who didn’t kill anyone. exactly. She’s also funny and has a cool “Inspector Gadget” arm which gives her character some gravy. What’s better than a strong white-haired character? Funny badass, thank you.

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Shoujo Makishima – Psychopath

No metaphor is hotter than the morally white-haired and gray-haired character, which perfectly sums up Shougo. Is it always two steps forward and fear? What is this please? He kills people without a second thought as he speaks smoothly. You’ve been hearing him in your head for days after watching Psycho-pass. But to be honest, it’s a small price to pay to see it on screen. He’s the sadistic tongue king, and I stand by him.


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