The hottest hair colors we’ll see everywhere this year

Want to beautify your hairstyle? How about refreshing or completely changing your hair color? As the New Year approaches, we’re taking this opportunity to reveal new hair coloring products that kicked off in 2022. Platinum blonde, expensive brunette, honey blonde, mocha melt with balayage… There’s something for every hair and every taste. So, what is the hair color trend of 2022 for you? Photo inspiration!

What color direction 2022 to adopt? Highlight hair colors that will make the year!

In the spring and summer of 2022, there will definitely not be a single hair color trend to adopt! After many years of “dye and die”, ombre hair and many different styles, trendy hair colors are now made to size. In other words, everything is allowed. Hair colors and techniques mix and coexist to color your natural hair color. So, without further ado, here are the nuances we’ll be seeing on everyone’s head this year…even in your life!

Hair Color Trend 2022: Intense Brown

2022 Winter Hair Color Trend Expensive Brunette Intense Brown Hair Gigi Hadid

This year, back to warm tones! So, the 2022 color trend that will be on everyone’s mind is brown! Expensive brunetteCaramel brown, ash brown, honey golden… All of these colors have already been adopted by a large number of stars, such as Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and Billie Eilish. So, if you want to twist up your hair color, don’t hesitate anymore and swap out your blonde for a more intense and gourmet shade like Rich brunette.

platinum blonde

fall winter 2022 color trend woman platinum blonde

Halfway between white and arctic blonde, platinum blonde is undoubtedly the coolest color trend this year. It represents the fantasy of purity and magic of Marilyn Monroe… which is why we love her so much. However, it is a trendy hair color but difficult to maintain and maintain. To adopt it in the winter but avoid in the summer! Notable women who dare to do this are rarely held for more than one season. To give him comfort, choose gray and pink. In terms of length, platinum blondes like short hair and long hair. However, it is particularly attractive on square cuts.

honey blonde

Hair color trend 2022 Long hair color for women Hazel blonde

Do you want to inject your hair with a healthy dose of light? Or go blonde without having a very light mane? Honey blonde is your solution! Ideal for tired skin, found thanks to vacuuming technology. Intense and soft at the same time, it consists in creating numerous golden reflections that warm the face. And unlike platinum blonde, honey blonde can be worn all year round, summer and winter, and suits all heads, blondes and brunettes alike. In short, we check!

hard hair

Trend Steel Hair Color Woman Hair Color Spring 2022

You don’t want to say goodbye to your light blonde! rest assured ! We’ve found the perfect solution for you: hard hair coloring (or hard hair in French). Today, the gray man assumes and asserts himself. That’s why this new trendy color will make you want to go gray, no matter your age. Not so fast, dear brunettes! Metallic hair color for blonde girls only! But what exactly is it? In fact, it’s a Balayage technique that involves injecting a healthy dose of gorgeous highlights (silver, purple, blue, and lilac) into a man’s mane. These reflections can be discreet when dissolved in a natural color, and be more visible in a tie-and-dye or even in a pastel version, depending on your desires.


Coloring trend Winter 2022 Woman Black Carbon Cut Mixy Cut

Does the color black make you dream? That’s good, because carbon black mane is going to be the #1 hair color to be adopted this year! The intense and deep deep black color adapts to all modern lengths and cuts. The only problem? Unfortunately, not for everyone. If you have very fair skin, it is best to avoid it. For those of you who want to take the lead, but have naturally light hair, watch out for root regrowth, as they tend to come out pretty quickly. And if black roots are currently fashionable, then this is not the case with the effect of blond root.

Hair Color Trend 2022: Rose Red

Hair Color Trend Spring Summer 2022 Woman Hair Color Rose Red Shiny Gigi Hadid

redhead makes it counting Thanks to one of our favorite stylists: Gigi Hadid. In 2022, we’re uniformly adopting it all over hair for a look that’s as modern as it is intense. And if all skin types can afford it, it is more suitable for fair skin tones that gain radiance. In short, a camp that will not go unnoticed this year. If you’re still hesitant, you can bet on Venetian blonde, which is another strong color trend at the moment that guarantees a more discreet but equally luminous result.

Mocha Melt Balayage

Mocha Melts Balayage Woman Hair Color Trend Spring Summer 2022

Are you a big fan of Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha Mocha? Therefore, in this case, you will be pleased to discover that this year the gourmet nuances of the comforting drink will attract themselves to your hair. Chic and sophisticated, the melting mocha balayage will give brunettes a unique look, sprinkled with rich, luscious highlights. This trendy color generally intended for brown hair consists of a subtle blend of the natural color of your base and one or even two lighter shades. The result ? Shiny hair that is neither too light nor too dark.

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