I am looking for women and men to shoot a short film in Brittany, Brittany Cinemas

For the shooting of a short film called “Le Bourdon”, directed by François Hébert and produced by Kalpa Films with the support of Bretagne Cinéma (financial assistance from the Brittany region in partnership with CNC and personal support from the filming ceremony), the production is looking for women and men for the main role and four secondary roles.

Summary : One summer, at her vacation home, Maud collapsed. Six months later, armed with a camera, she returns on her own to try to understand.

Profiles sought, preferably residing in Brittany :

  • For the main role of Maud (25 – 28 years old): a graceful, mystical woman, who understands the meaning of collapse,

    For secondary roles:

  • Jeremy (25 – 28 years old): a man with serious eyes, a worried but kind face, difficulty speaking,
  • Pauline (25 – 28 years old): a dark-haired woman, sensual, appetite for life,
  • Samuel (27 – 30 years old): a caricature of a handsome, long-haired, athletic man.

    Note: Casting is open to both professional and non-professional actors. However, the production will favor actresses who already have experience in the role of Maud.

More information :
Filming should take place for a week around Binic, in October 2022.
Expected compensation.
The project was produced jointly with Tébéo, Tébésud and TVR and also benefits from the support of PROCIREP and ANGOA.

If you think you match one of the profiles you are looking for and are likely to be interested, please send an email * Before August 15, 2022 at [email protected] with:

  • full length photo and natural photo, ultra modern, full face and color (no snapchat or other filters or effects),
  • CV and trial reel if applicable for professional representatives,
  • full contact details (first name, surname, age, phone number, postal address),
  • Determine, for non-professionals, whether you already have experience in acting (theatre or photography).

    Only complete responses will be processed. Only pre-selected people will receive a response.
    * If you are unable to send an email by clicking the link, copy the entire address into the Recipient portion of your email.

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