How Thor 4 ruined the return of Jane Foster as Mighty Thor

Natalie Portman is back Thor: Love and Thunder in Mighty Thor, but his role and story have nothing to do with what it should have been.

After leaving the next MCU Thor: The Dark World And after being absent from Motorcycle rentalNatalie Portman was finally summoned by Marvel for She reprized her role as Jane Foster Thor: Love and Thunder and become a Mighty Thor., the female incarnation of the god of thunder in the comics. Unfortunately, as with Gore’s character butcher the gods (Christian Bale), the adaptation by Taika Waititi and screenwriter Jennifer Kaiten Robinson is sad failure.

Warning: spoilers blast!

Thunder in the veins

Taika Waititi however did his homework and Thor: Love and Thunder It deals with several elements of the Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman comics about Jane Foster’s transformation into the new goddess of thunder. However, even if he gave him big weapons, the manager obviously didn’t do it He didn’t understand anything about the character and what gave him all his strength.

When she appeared in the movie, Jane Foster was undergoing chemotherapy to fight stage 4 cancer, in a scene similar to the beginning of the first volume ofall new bullBut she no longer looked like a emaciated woman who had lost all her hair.

in treatment

Except during a sequence in the bathroom where she breaks the sink, her struggles against illness or her feelings or feelings about death are not directly addressed. The movie doesn’t even attempt to determine what type of cancer you have.E (She had breast cancer in the comic).

alarmingly, The story walks through all the times in her life when she’s not with Thor (or even what type of cancer you have), plus the fact that an astrophysicist is one of the first ox She would never hit her number four because she would know it was useless (apart from making the crowd laugh), He serves his illness above all Quickly create emotional bets And to ensure that the viewer is once again interested in this character, who disappeared almost ten years ago.

Thor: photoThere is more depth in these two pages of the comics than there are in two hours of the movie

After reading a book on Norse mythology, Jane remembers that Mjolnir gives her worker good health, so she books a ticket to New Asgard, where the shards of the smashed hammer are located. Meditate on using it for healing and One or two ellipses, you become the mighty Thor He faces the monstrous shadows of Gore alongside Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

Then Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), who has apparently become her best friend on off-camera adventures, tells that Jen has been collecting Mjolnir for some time. But At no time does the film look at its evolution, transformation, or way of realizing its powersShe inherited it from her former divine lover.

Even the scene in which she changes into Mighty Thor was cut short in the edit, with steady footage showing Natalie Portman in the air during an ominous trance that seemed somewhat agonizing for the character.

Conversely, in the comics, when Thor learns that Jane has cancer and offers to help her, She stubbornly refuses to use Asgardian magic. Later original sinThor finds himself undeserving of the practice of Mjolnir, and his hammer remains deserted on the moon until a woman raises it and becomes the new goddess of thunder.

Her identity was kept secret for some time and she had to fight monsters, ancient Thor or even Odin and the Destroyer in order to To prove that she was up to the task. It wasn’t until the story revealed it was Jane Foster, but also that each transformation reversed the effects of chemotherapy and made her sicker.

Her battle against cancer and against the forces of evil was even more noble and poignant knowing that she literally gave her life every time she grabbed her gavel to go and protect the Nine Realms. in Thor: Love and ThunderBy contrast, Thor finds out that the new Thor is Jin as soon as he meets her and Choosing Mjolnir has nothing to do with proving your worth or entitlement.

Thor: photoNew Thor

Love, how practical

As Korg reveals in a flashback showing Jane and Thor when they were still a couple (and more in love than ever in any other movie), Jane inherited Mjolnir because Thor asked Hammer to always protect his lover.

So, unlike Captain America in Avengers: Endgamewho caught Milner because he proved worthy to raise it, Jin didn’t get the right to use the hammer on her own, but because Thor gave it to her. Which contradicts the character and everything she represents as the goddess of thunder.

Thor: photofull time goddess

While she reverts to the name Thor in the comics after retrieving Mjolnir (like anyone who raises a hammer), putting her on a par with the ancient god of thunder, Jin is now just a luxury buddy and a precursor to win again who calls himselfMighty Thor(A name taken from one of the nicknames assigned to the Norse god in Marvel.) A fight from cancer or his new responsibilities.

Once again, Jane’s story is inevitably linked to her romance with Thor and the character, even as the Thunder Goddess, She can’t exist as a perfect heroine Without the handsome and powerful Prince of Asgard (or just off screen). Instead, the young lady is only there to crack jokes, slap digital monsters, and serve the hero’s emotional journey to the end.

Thor: photorisking his life

While Natalie Portman’s return in Mighty Thor could have made it possible to embody Jane Foster and finally tap the actress’ talent against all odds, Thor: Love and Thunder Decide He made her die in one last sacrifice before entering Valhalla In the subsequent second credits, as in the story of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. But again, the movie took on an idea without realizing its impact or value.

In the comics, in order to prevent Asgard from destroying Mangog, Jin sacrifices herself by throwing Mjolnir into the sun and announces to the monster that she is doing so”with loveOn the other hand, this love is not just how you feel about Thor, unlike Thor: Love and Thunderbut The one she wore for life that she clung to to defy her illness.

When Odin greets her outside the gates of Valhalla, she is struggling to accept his death and says she “still has things to offer”, and that she “has not finished telling her story”.

Thor: photoThe death of the mighty Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder It would make people think that he changed Jane Foster into a heroic female character equal to Thor, but The movie doesn’t care about her cancer, her background, or what she represents in the Marvel universe. In the end, Jane Foster becomes a superhero thanks to Thor, her cancer is only important to show how it affects Thor and her death only happens to save the children of Asgard and finally give Thor a purpose for existence.

Now that she’s settled in Valhalla with Heimdall (Idris Elba), it would be best to leave her alone and avoid bringing Natalie Portman back together. Especially if it is to do so.

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